Wednesday, July 27, 2016

White Hat Dark Hat Blog Update - July 27, 2016

7-27-16 Intel Update "Refugee Crisis"
The leading Illuminati/Cabal factions are being implanted with type of technology that is operating from an implant station centered in Alpha Draconis.

There is a stand-off that is still occurring in Alpha Draconis involving stranglet bombs. This situation is very much connected to the irrational behaviors and mindsets that is shown by many of the leading Illuminati/Cabal factions. 

The Sphere Beings, a heavily programmed 7d reptilian group, are partially responsible for the on-going refugee crisis that is still occurring in Europe.

The Sphere Beings have implanted mind-control victims connected to the ISIS situation with an implant technology that causes the victim to never deprogram or heal fully.

The refugee crisis is a psy-ops being carried out by mind-control victims who are programmed to believe they are a part of the terrorist organization ISIS. This psy-ops began with 7/7 era mind-control victims that were still living in Europe.

The refugee crisis lead to the downfall of one of the leading Cabal/Illuminati factions.