Friday, August 19, 2016

Alex Collier: 14th Webinar Notes

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This is a paid webinar, but there were a couple of points that I felt needed to be shared widely. They are not "news" items but I thought it would be very assuring to know that Alex Collier confirms the obvious progress being made.  As usual, my caveat is that I'll delete this post if requested to do so by the relevant parties.

Alex reports that an ultimatum has been issued to the negatives (comprising beings from Orion, Aldebaran, Sirius B, Reptilians); they have been checkmated but are pointing a gun at Humanity's head, as they have always done. This is to force the Benevolents to back away, but this time it won't work. The negatives will be dealt with. I feel this is very crucial for us to understand, and sources such as Cobra and Simon Parkes have also said the same thing, that the Benevolents have been severely hampered in their mission because Humanity has been held hostage. Please know that as much assistance as possible has always been given to Humanity over the ages ~ there is only so much that they can do given the dire circumstances. However, things are expected to progress much better now.

Alex also adds that our Planet's rising frequencies will not stop ~ she's absolutely committed to her own Ascension. It is up to each individual to choose their path ~ to go with her, or to stay in a lower frequency reality. Once she crosses the Photon Belt, this lower density will be left behind.

Some information about Nibiru ~ it's not my say if it exists or not, and I certainly don't wish to add to the debate. However, for what it's worth, Alex says that the Benevolents will mitigate the gravitational effects of its orbit.

You can rent or purchase the webinar here.