Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dr. William Mount Intel Report - Things Are Unwinding - Be Ready

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The entire economic system seems to be unwinding so be ready

1) In a huge development, thanks to YOUR prayers,  the Leaders of the Shadow Government - those above the Popes and Presidents - have now realized that those they were following are planning kill them after they ran for cover in anticipation of another World War and then a Polar Shift. In response about 60% of the Bankstas are disconnecting themselves form the Elite and preparing for what is coming in a Good Way.

2) There is currently a rally on Gold Mining Stocks, that may indicate a huge rise in Gold and Silver prices - we shall see. What is very odd is that the US Stock Market is rising, Gold Prices are rising and the value of the US dollar is rising all at the same time.

3) As the US pulls out of Syria ISIS (ISIL) is being over run by both Syrian and Russia Troops, leaving behind a treasure trove of documents pointing to the US using Turkish and Saudi Arabian Troops to kill Syrians. All were supplies with weapons from - Hillary.

4) Turkey is turning east and now Turkey and Russia have just signed a deal to trade without using the US Dollar ad Turkey will begin buying Russian made weapons. In other words - Turkey has just violated their primary NATO agreements.

5) The truth is coming out about the real state of health about Hillary and her doubles - they are literally falling apart.

Saudi Arabia has gone broke and in response, as oil prices fall, they have increased their oil production.

In their attempts to gain steal more oil reserves in Yemen

…a…Yesterday Saudi Arabia bombed a school in Yemen, killing 10 children

…b…The 8 August  Saudi Arabia bombed a Potato Chip Factory in Yemen

…c… After bombing the Potato Chip Factory the US Approved selling the Saudi’s 130 Abrams Tanks

6) In a Huge development the

7)  Finally, Hillary, Soros and the NSA have been hacked, Obama is next.

That is correct - Wikileaks is now exposing NSA emails and the White House Staff - including Obama - may be revealed next.

Now even Obama is being hacked - at least his Twitter and Facebook Accounts.

This all stems back to the VA Case where the US Corporate Supreme Court refused to hear the case where the VA sells Active Duty Military Records around the world for Grant Money

The exposure of this caused several key figures to leave the US with the Access Codes for every Federal Agency and they defected to the Blue Army of China.

Now we are seeing the results.

The kicker is: The CIA/FBI are still too stupid to run the case through the Supreme Court and plug the hole


When a boat is sinking the first thing you do is Plug The Hole.

Please be ready folks - just - get ready

Be Prepared for 3 months of Both Financial and Food Distribution Disruptions.

1 Fifty pound bag of rice costs $18 at Cash and Carry.

Learn how to cook with these foods before you HAVE TO learn to cook with these foods.

We  use these foods,  store some extra every month, and just get ready fro what we know may happen

Please keep in mind that GOD is in control and HIS angels are now coming back in force.

Today we will show you how to cook with this


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Dr William B. Mount


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