Monday, August 1, 2016



12:00:00 EST
AUGUST 1, 2016 


Good Monday,

What an impactful yet invisible weekend of rapid and continued progress.  

All T3 & T4 paymasters were hydrated​ with golden digital accounts, which means gold backed credits can ledger transfer whenever said paymasters receive the last of three release codes from a global consortium of decision-makers, we'll call them "The Committee" for a lack of a better term.

"The Committee" constantly reviews and considers all options and aspects to the RV, stewards all continents and populations, double checks all financial data inputs to determine the best possible release moment for all 8 billion inhabitants of earth.  Remember all finances are inter-connected now, so everything effects everyone else, simultaneously.  

Yes, there are very old Chinese Elders involved in "The Committee", as there are European Sovereign Families, as well as African Nation Sovereigns, as well as traditional global oversight names that are known to the public, and a handful of banking giants that are and will forever go unknown.  

There are also benevolent other worldly "guides" helping to steer us through this transitional process, ever towards a harmonious and successful conclusion / beginning for all human beings involved.  

We are most grateful for this assistance.  Thank you dear old and wise friends.

No one is in a rush too release too early, nor are they desiring to delay and release too late--as they to have a boss, who has given them a cosmic back wall none-of-us are privy too.  

Over the weekend, they made several incremental yet monumental strides, and are quickly finalizing the new financial system master ledger to replace the old master ledger by reconciling all central bank holdings and updating sovereign liquidity via several new and improved government treasuries & leaderships.  

Nothing is really all that dramatic anymore, as the final implementation and release moment is drawing closer by the second. All nations of the world want and need the RV to survive.  However, the great irony is that the closer we get to our GCR/RV, the more anxious many become because they can sense something wonderful is brewing at the micro or street level.  

In turn, "The Committee" then functions with greater secrecy and  cloaks their macro moves in greater obscurity--until their final release moment happens by pure default, less any major announcement or fanfare.  

The RV will just kinda happen, and in an instant, all 209 sovereign nations will be permanently transitioned.  And no matter how eager we might be as individual chess pieces, the chess board will change without our detection--as this is the calmest, safest and most efficient pathway to implementation of such radical transitional changes.   

Certainly all macro events would have to complete with such an invisible tint, after the all the larger something is, the slower it appears to move .  Yet all of these macro moves are happening in real time, 24 hours a day, in every time zone, all at once… and moving at a rate of speed that our common senses struggle to detect.  

We're looking for drama that just isn't there!  It appears we're in a magical drama-free zone so enjoy:)

Now whether you believe this explanation of current events or not, I know everyone can sense that something major is afoot across all continents and cultures.  

Thus, it's up to each of us to either prepare our hearts and minds and ascend or descend into a new reality--whatever that is--sure at our own pace, but no one has the choice of remaining stagnant--universal progress does't stop for anyone or anything.  

To help cope, below are 5 Drama-Free Truths that you can safely depend on moving forward as it relates to the RV… whenever "The Committee" finally does release this event down to our level:

1) The New Gold Backed Financial System is Operational

New CIPS software, corresponding duel-hemisphere satellites and physical gold bullion deposits are all currently in place, tested and humming in unison with each another at the moment.  This historic network of fiscal transparency and radical change is working successfully across all markets and in all sovereign nations -- permanently and with ease.

2)  Paymasters Have Received Their New Gold Backed Accounts 

All parent paymaster accounts are resting idly, yet liquid, within their respective treasury accounts and central bank coffers.  All money's are at the ready to move, just awaiting a final code entering that allows ledger to ledger inter-bank transfers between paymasters and currency redeemers. There is very little intel coming in now regarding this process because all the important details have already been worked through and are also sitting idle, ready for client-based execution (i.e. no drama exists, so stop creating drama).

3) Unlimited Funds Are Available for Immediate Transfer

No matter the currency origin or volume, a paymaster can and will accommodate whatever size ledger transfer is required when you enter an off-site redemption location.  There is enough physical gold to back all anticipated cash and currency deposits inside of this new financial system master ledger.  Hard to believe?  For some, sure.  But it was much harder to accomplish.  So suspend your disbelief long enough to head into your redemption appointment with an open mind and h dart, and let the proof rest in the bank's ability to perform.  

4) Future Humanitarian Projects & Job Creation Are Paramount

The deeper rationale behind giving and receiving such massive amounts of cash via offering higher sovereign rates is simply to spread the wealth down to the street level quickly (versus say moving the money through traditional government and bank mechanisms).  However, managing this kind of wealth comes with a far greater burden than just redeeming currency in order to get rich.  The old fiat financial system attempted to destroy modern society, not enable the masses to prosper.  Thus, currently an unprecedented funding shortfall exists across all nations and communities.  In response to this blatant and epic neglect, the Chinese Elders have agreed to hydrate both the private and public mechanisms via a "helicopter drop" of liquid cash.  This both their gift to us, and their request, as this "helicopter drop" is designed to include our own philanthropic participation, requiring each of us to prudently spend, give, share and oversee such great blessings with anyone and everyone who is overtly burdened, worthy or capable of helping others in need.  

5) A Transition Away From Money and Into Mercy Has Started

​ Harder to believe is that there is no such thing as money, since we all seem to live, kill and die for it.​  Yet, when you really look at trade between two goods or services, money is just an exchangeable item, and thus just one option to equalize trade.  Thus paper and coincide money, although assigned an inherent value, is not really a tangible good or service, thus it's value comes from what humanity places on it.  The usury or debt model (and interest for that matter) simply doesn't work, and thus a new concept regarding how we determine wealth is now being implemented; whereby mercy and service to people will be valued over the acquisition of material objects and profits.  Now to fully understand this new concept of value, one must first release old belief systems that generations of their family fought and died for.  Not such an easy transition, until the truth about money and mercy appears self evident, as anyone redeeming ZIM will embrace within just a few hours after their exchange appointment--because we're living thru a spiritual transition that includes a brief banking transaction--nothing more, nothing less.  So be it.

God is with us.​