Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Majestic 12: Is This Legendary UFO Conspiracy U.S. Air Force Disinformation? (VIDEO)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor)

The Majestic 12 group remains one of the most obscure and enigmatic topics in Ufology. Some claim that the group was, and is, the organization behind the secret government projects involving extraterrestrials and related reversed engineered technologies, while others claim it is nothing more than government disinformation.

Because of the lack of certainty with respect to points raised in the fields of fringe research, most investigators never venture to find answers to their mysteries. But avoiding these topics doesn't make them go away.

To those who have studied the extraterrestrial phenomenon, UFOs, secret government programs, and related topics, disinformation is eventually encountered.

While the unaware masses foolishly believe the government can't keep a secret, those in the know realize that clandestine forces have long kept hidden their activities, in part, due to elaborate disinformation and compartmentalization schemes. One of which is to release information that is very close to the truth from a source that is later labeled a fraud. And because many lack discernment, they incorrectly associate the label with the information.

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