The following message was sent to us for publication by the person known as Asian Insider #1:

“Two years ago I was appointed by The Dragon Family to overlook the actions being taken by Neil Keenan. Finally, the die is cast!

How we came to this point is in some respects utterly confusing, – no one could have foreseen the way in which specific events would play out except for perhaps Neil himself.

As some of you are aware, “It’s  A Keenan Thing“. You might get that, you might not;
How has this man metamorphasised the entire Off-ledger Global Collateral Accounts into a humanitarian piggy bank?

How did he come to the conclusion that such assets may be used by a select and trusted group of people to prevent the entire world from falling under the irretrievable control of the “Globalist Cabal” – and to remedy an entire financial system?

This is a bold move, although from my vantage point and with the particulars that I am privy to, the above summary is fairly close to, if not directly on the mark. Certainly, there is much detail pertaining to this that has not yet been made public. This has been a prudent position to take, to say the very least.

What I am able to say is that this mandate was actually only ever originally intended to encompass the Global Collateral Accounts, and thereby the distribution of humanitarian funding packages. This in itself in terms of an undertaking is bigger than anything in financial terms than this world has ever seen.

Oddly enough, in his ever curious and idiosyncratic way Mr. Keenan has devised a method by which to tie a plethora of concerns (including “the gold”) into a monolithic framework that just might be able to govern all worldwide financial concerns in a fair and equitable manner moving forward. Finally!

This eventuality is due in part to a snowball effect whereby other asset holders and administrators have approached Neil.  Now that the word has spread, an ever growing number of key people have the clarity to see what Neil is putting together.

Of course, this all began with the Collateral Accounts and “the gold.” Indeed ‘the buck’ does stop where the gold!

So now the ‘buck’ is with Neil Keenan and his accumulated team of commensurate specialists.
In his peculiar fashion, Neil quipped, “We have put up with the Globalists while still in the womb; however, we are not there any longer, and now it is our turn to kick them to the curb as they’ve attempted to kick us”.

In part, what makes Neil such a perplexing character is how his mind can function on multiple tasks simultaneously seems to be highly advantageous, if not a fundamental requirement in addressing the challenges at hand.

Many operators are a trick or two away from extinction and so it would follow that we never hear from them again.

Neil has one too many tricks up his proverbial sleeve, so one can never predict just what he might do next. He is, as he says, ’12 steps ahead of the ‘Oligarchs’ and if not, then he brings in Matthew and Michael to toss them out.’

I happen to agree that Neil Keenan and his Group K have been doing a phenomenal job while encountering all-comers in terms of distractions and diversions, and tacking all along the way to get to where they are now.

I have observed Neil in action with many of the Elders over the span of a few years now, and it has become as clear to them as it has to me that he fully intends to bring this effort to its rightful conclusion.

Within them I could feel a sense of relief. I think many of them had given up hope that this situation could ever be resolved, until this tenacious person came upon the scene. Some of the more astute among them had however sensed long ago that a solution would present itself one day.

While it is easy for armchair critics to bang on about this that and the other thing – one should not forget that Neil has financed nearly every facet of this mammoth effort with his own money -
millions of dollars! And this is completely aside from that which has been stolen, frozen and diverted. Yes I am looking at you, Vanguard Group in New York.

The whole family knows who you are! We threw you out of HSBC in Hong Kong.  And we will throw you out of HSBC Stateside too. The Bush family be damned!

The litany of attempts to get in Neils way have been well documented and that whole matter has become quite a bore. But this is what happens when one draws near to such a phenomenal  objective.

Most who would venture simply could not have overcome such encumbrances, but now with a little help from somewhere else, our planet might be looking at shaping into something much more positive indeed.

Neil is steadfast in his belief that there are many that can step forward to lend a hand one way or another, and we will see them emerge in due course. Perhaps these days will shortly be upon us.
Congratulations to you once again Mr. Neil Keenan and Group K – and I for one cannot wait to see you here in Jakarta. Your impact continues to grow. Thank you for your determined drive towards success, with never a call for applause.

I would very much like to join you on your journey with Group K and M2 during your push to reshape our planet for the better.

You have demonstrated that with sincere desire, a preeminent multi-tasking mind, and a small team of dedicated professionals, that the most remarkable feats may be achieved. Respectfully though, you have yet to reach the finish line so there is no room to be lax.

With the observation point that I have I am able to say with conviction that you and Group K are the talk of the financial world.

We are watching with great interest to see if the West has the wherewithal to awaken to the understanding that “the assets” are owned by the East, the East is prepared to allow you to utilize their assets for humanitarian purposes.

Other new and positive leaders in the west must now rise rise and do something other than continually asking you to do more. It is time for the would-be recipients to contribute as well. Otherwise, I have been instructed to advise you that you will be elected to an advisory post, albeit second to none.

Such a position would not be mandated to assist the West. And so, therefore, it is time for the West to stand up and help by taking a pro-active role in completing the task at hand.

Times have never been more serious and trivial pursuits must end or be dismissed outright.

Neil is not to be distracted, he must direct his attention to only that which must be done.  Neil you must pay attention.

You and Group K dare to dance with greatness, so take it by the horns and do not let it go, it is yours to lose.

God speed

Asian Insider” (#1)