Friday, August 12, 2016

RV/GCR Intel SITREP - August 12, 2016

Received via email at 8:00pm est, August 12th 2016......


20:00:00 EST 
August 12, 2016


RV Bullseye

Perhaps it has been another disappointing week on your RV currency journey, but do not despair.  In fact, choose to focus instead on what you know as truth versus speculating as to truth that may one day come into reality.  

The world must revalue all of it's currencies soon via a global reset for humanity to survive.  Bond yields are now negative worldwide.  Global economic growth is stagnant.  Global markets are functioning as if on life support with weak central bank batteries.  National pension funds and massive hedge funds have no safe haven investments to derive profit in current markets, and are now forced into taking big risks just to keep up their profit projections for the second quarter.  

What is being reported regarding financial, geopolitical, security and diplomatic news, versus what is really happening on the streets could not be more different.  Meaning, you are being lied to.  We all are.  This is done to keep the masses calm.  But now even the masses are beginning to sense that something is very rotten in Denmark.  Ironic given that so much of the cabal decision core lives in Eastern Europe, but enough with "on the nose" observations, let's continue with the SITREP.

As discussed previously, there are a great many inputs affecting the RV's performance timetable.  They include but are not limited to finance, security, geopolitics and diplomacy.  All must be harmonious for the RV to begin, as that is the sweet spot or "RV Bullseye" for the new powers that be to feel safe about drenching this much fiscal hydration upon the planet.

Yet talking about hitting the RV Bullseye and actually physical doing so is a completely different exercise, as often times think-tank theory does not match the harsh realities playing out on the ground.  Thus, those with the responsibility to take aim are sheepish about releasing the arrow (tool free 800#s in your case) which in effect starts of a series of irreversible global monetary authority events.  

Four Truths

Below are Four Truths are for your individual contemplation as collectively we wait for our blessing to manifest this weekend:

1) The RV is real.

209 Countries have really gotten together, negotiated, agreed and signed an international treaty that binds all nations and people of the world to singular gold standard of monetary value, as well as carbon emission limits, warfare and poverty ceasing, plus a global legal frame work to settle and resolve all sovereign nation disputes moving forward. 

2) The RV is immanent.  

Yes, the RV has been started and stopped a few hundred times, but no one entity or source really is privy to controlling the transitional aspect of the RV.  It's a universal event that effects humanity, it's not a sovereign family event that allows a select few to govern the affairs of the human existence.  And while most to all cannot grasp the "whole picture," neither can the new powers that be either.  And only together can we ascend as one family or species of beings.  So yes the finish line is near and will come sooner than later, but immanent must covert into a experienced result now.   

3) The RV is bountiful.

All the high rate discussions and structured payout programs discussed in blogs and conference calls through the years is true, true, true, true.  The Chinese Elders by a mandate from heaven have been told they must allow the every person on the street an opportunity to determine their own value or place their own worth onto their own controllable and protected gold backed accounts, with gold backed collateral underlying all current and future gold backed currency transactions.  Hard to believe, maybe.  But it is what it is.  Fiscal sovereignty is upon us all in real time.

4) The RV is safe.

No one redeeming currency will be harmed by decree of the most high.  There is no "stopping the RV" to correct a flaw in the security detail.  Changes will be made on the fly and with precision.  Individuals desiring to cause harm will be neutralized before they can act, either by visible, plain clothes security forces or benevolent overseers that are unseen.  Thus, the RV event will be a peaceful and glorious experience without exception.
Flip The Bird

Did you know that in pre-iron warfare, kings would have the middle fingers of opposing archers chopped off so they could not pull back their bows and take aim at the armed forces?  It's true.  This is why some today still show the middle finger (aka "flip the bird") to demonstrate that they still in fact have their finger and pull back their bows to launch an arrow of pain.  Well, this is exactly what happened since Sunday (8/7) of this past week.  

And despite what is reported (or not reported) in the media, they fired a few last minute arrows of chaos into their pre-agreed and time sensitive GCR/RV/GESARA/NESARA roll out plans.

At this hour, there are small unreported wars raging in Ukraine, Turkey and the Middle East, as the cabal flipped the bird to all permanent members of the UN Security Council (China, Russia, Republic of the United States, Great Britain, France) and launched small military offensives in Kiev & Crimea (against Russia); Palestine & Pakistan (against BRICS) and Aleppo, Mosul, & Damascus (against the Republic of the United States & Russia). 

All of these isolated attacks were in fact a planned series of attacks ordered by Dark Noble Hard Liners who refuse to Surrender to Love (i.e. the cabal) back in Eastern Europe and the United States.  But it's now a small, small world that's getting ever smaller by the second, and those dark plans were thwarted quickly.  Now penalties are being enforced by the UN Security Council (and others we cannot name), and any nation or government that collaborated to halt human progress has received marching orders to exit the dimension and/or be subject to severe sovereign reparations on their country for their non-compliant behavior.

In universal terms, do no harm is a real thing people.  And it's non-negotiable.  Heaven isn't playing around, and the cabal is learning this fact of life temper tantrum by temper tantrum.  With that said, the RV started anyway, including here in the United States when several large and existing bank clients (even some with fancy family charter planes bound for Asia) were hydrated in the newly reinstated USN currency.  

So this desperate last second attempt by cabal to permanently disrupt the RV roll out globally failed miserably.  As technically speaking the RV started with precision on Monday August 8, 2016 at 8:08pm CST (8888)--just the way the Chinese Elders had always planned.  Thank you Hun Elders.  Thank you Grandfather.  Thank you Ascended Masters.  Thank you Great Grandfather.  

What has yet to start are the 30 million+ individual currency redemption.  Amazingly, more ZIM was purchased in the last two weeks due to these SITREPs, than in the last two years.  So the questions we now pose to all BRICS nations and the UN Security Council is why hasn't our USN been released to worldwide pool down at the T4/T5 levels?  And when will our 8 days of redemption begin in earnest?  We deserve to know.  And we demand performance.

Perhaps the answer may lie in the global trading pool or inter-market exchange activities, which we are told is still on administrative hold.  This means that anyone getting hydrated, still cannot freely spend or invest your funds yet.  Thus, by holding back trading on global markets, the Chinese Elders still technically control the RV process, even though they technically activated the entire system, provided new gold backed currencies with transparent new technologies to monitor and correct any bad behavior. That's all well and good, but it doesn't pay the bills.  So what are we really waiting on to move forward as a species, as a planet?  

Let's go back up and examine RV Bullseye graphic.  We can see how all four elements interest at one exact point.  The Elders must feel we're not quite at that point yet, but we gotta be super close, right?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  No one knows for sure.  We what we know per sources is that there are two major concerns remaining: 1) Security--especially now that several "hot sports" flared up at the last second, which metaphorically means that the cabal flipped their remaining birds at the Chinese; 2) Financial--the Elders know there is a post-RV strategy to weaken humanity, and the adversary has a sophisticated grouping of high frequency traders waiting to expose the markets.  This latent cabal financial army is loyal and prepared, as they understand how to quickly manipulate markets, with tremendous trading volume, then disappear, so that even the most transparent system would have a hard time recognizing their theft, let alone stopping or catching them in the act.  

We also know the one thing the Elders don't want to do is re-hydrate humanity's long-time enemy after they've spent several brutal decades defeating them soundly.  Thus, they inch along, constantly attempting to think through and prepare for all Pre & Post-RV scenarios that may arise.  

Honestly, I'm with the Elders on this one … as it makes no sense to help and evil group up off the canvas after you have knocked them out.  Slow and steady is the best strategy, no doubt.  That said, neither the cabal nor the Elders can stop humanity's spiritual and cellular transition.  And the truth is both are now delaying us our human ascension.  Sometimes for a day, sometimes for a week, but delay they are none-the-less.  And as a representative of meek and innocent, we known collectively as "Humanity" no longer accept this pathway forward, no matter the intent or consciousness of the source.  


Therefore, dearest Elders and Committee Members sequestered in Beijing, China, know that humanity as a species is now ready to accept our role as global stewards of economic mercy and be shot out of the ascension cannon.  And in spirit of diplomatic request,  we offer this prayer / request from love to love: 

Humanity will not tolerate another full day let alone another week of delay.  You must perform now.

Humanity will no longer accept losing their credit, their cars, their homes, their spouses, their dignity and even their lives because of financial concerns.   You must perform now.

Humanity releases all involved from the burden of carrying around the RV, and we ask you now to absorb our vibration and feel the Holy Spirit channel through our request for immediate performance.  You must perform now.

Humanity, demands and declares, that all powers-that-be, on Earth and in Heaven, release the USN/RV/GCR/GESARA in full, this weekend, as well as any hidden technologies or public disclosure information that will benefit our understand of what it means to be a member of the human race and family.  You must perform now.

Humanity claims immediate execution of your Heavenly Mandate, which includes all leaders, subordinates and aides in the final decision making consortium by the Heavenly name, love, light, truth and blood of Yeshua Ben Yosef.   You must perform now.

Humanity respectfully commands all personal keeper responsibilities to be executed and completed over the weekend on August 13, 2016, and accomplish this RV act, beginning without withdraw on Saturday evening in the Republic of the United States by 20:00:00 EST.  You must perform now.

Humanity accepts no more logical or reasonable excuses for RV delay, and no alternative schedules scenarios for performance.  You must perform now.

Humanity appreciates your incredibly important and ancient task as Keepers of the Worlds Wealth, Stewards of Infinite Blessings, yet we now acknowledge Heaven's Prophecy as greater than your job titles, and we invoke your soul to fulfill the Will of God by divine decree and covenant as the meek of the earth.  You must perform now. 

Humanity declares an instant and irreversible Victory of the Light in harmony with all Angels of the Light as we unite in form and spirit to bless our families, our communities, our countries, our continents, our flora, our animals, our environment and lastly ourselves.  You must perform now.

Consider this prayer and request Humanity's Surrender to Love.

Matthew 5:5
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Amein and Hallelujah!!!    

God is with us.