Monday, August 15, 2016

RV/GCR Intel SITREP Update - August 15, 2016


12:00:00 EST
August 15, 2016


Dear ZIM Currency Holders,

Today's SITREP will be less about macro RV financial dynamics and general performance progress, and more about what you will be encountering post RV, well after the 800#s are released, specifically for ZIM currency holders.

This goes for anyone who either holds ZIM Currency as a gift or purchased notes on their own, as all of you will be engaging with an Abbot Downing representative at the time of your redemption--and more than likely well into the future.

Abbot Downing is Wells Fargo's exclusive Private Wealth Management brand that is in charge of handling all ZIM redemptions. Many believe that when HSBC/Wells Fargo quietly purchased Bank of America / Meryl Lynch last year, and that Meryl Lynch was quietly converted into Abbot Downing offices in all 50 states. We have heard they've done the same in Canada and Mexico with other wealth management / banking brand acquisitions.

Now behind the scenes, we know for a fact Abbot Downing has trained and deployed large quantities of executive redemption staff already; and are currently paying lower level redemption wealth management representatives by the hour, just to sit and wait around for the RV's arrival--all with a common focus on redeeming ZIM holders as quickly and subtly as possible.

This is how close we are to our individual appointments now, as there's literally a sitting and trained army of UHNW (Ultra High New Worth) wealth managers and redemption staff ready, willing and able to service us before, during and after our breakthrough moment. And you were worried…

Really makes one stop and think, "Hey, this RV thing I've been hearing about for all these years is real, and I better get my heart, mind and soul around what's coming to me soon so I'm not in complete abundance shock during my ZIM redemption appointment."

Above is just a suggestion, but consider yourself amply warned for the unprecedented wealth transition that fastly approaching like a stealth Tsunami. Thus is wise to emotionally and intellectually, and most of spiritually, to seek higher ground before it hits the shore.

Also be advised that per Chinese Elder request, several Abbot Downing representatives will be helping each individual ZIM redeemer into a structured payout program, as well as continue on with you and your family, as Abbot Downing clients for years to come.

For their services, Abbot Downing as a company will receive 0.003% of your net redemption amount. Small price to pay for great investment counseling. Not sure if that comes off your redemption amount or is factored into the redemption rate, but either way, it is what it is.

However, Abbot Downing really has their job cut out for them short or long because they know no one of "everyday working status" has never dealt with generational wealth before, let alone this much and all at once.

They also know anyone redeeming ZIM automatically qualifies as a philanthropist, so they have been actively preparing to help us adjust psychologically into our new reality as peacefully and lovingly as human possible. Many people who were on the fence about the RV, and the ZIM specifically, are not going to transition well because they simply could not allow themselves to emotionally believe something this dynamic was even possible, let alone a reality in their own lives. Abbot Downing understands that fact, and thus has trained to ease a clients through their sudden wealth process regardless of their initial belief level.

It's also important to understand this exactly why no other banks but Wells Fargo and Abbot Downing (they are separate technically) will be allowed to handle ZIM's redemptions and provide constant oversight per request of the Chinese Elders. You see, if every bank were allowed to develop their own ZIM protocol, competition for where to redeem would have been created, which would have caused problems.

So the Elders limited the ZIM intake to 1 bank / wealth management firm (which they own btw) and then created a common, simply and sustainable training platform as to eliminate competition--as less always is more when dealing with huge psychological transitions... KISS (keep it simple stupid)!

As a result, post RV, Wells Fargo (retail banking) and Abbot Downing (Wealth Management) will clearly be the leaders within all US based banking / wealth man agent operations by a wide margin. Chase, BofA, and Citibank were none to happy about this fact, yet all their owners and board members choose to work hand-in-hand with the cabal since their origins. So in truth, those banks made their beds a long, long time ago, and now their sleeping in their own s*@t pile.

So knowing what is coming now, and knowing there a massive army of trained personel waiting to assist your every need short and long, maybe it's now wise to study up on exactly whom you will be doing business with post RV.

To help you on this educational quest, below are some quick facts and research links about Abbot Downing.

As for a real time hard intel RV update, there's so much going on here in the final hour, it's best just to let it come and let you know the the long awaited RV is really here folks. As in already here, wink, wink… nudge, nudge.

Final delivery mechanics are right now being perfected before the RV's unrestricted release, which yes of course will include 800#s so you may set up your appointments with no struggle. There will be 8 days in which to redeem, with ZIM appointments getting priority.

Turns out, everyone fell into line at the last second. So there's no drama, no struggle, and no worries. As all global power players involved suddenly become unusually calm about both the RV's immanency and got coordinated on its last minute preparation for such an overwhelming and abundant helicopter drop of money upon the masses.

Enjoy you're new life, in your new world, for the victory parse has begun and shall soon reach your home, family, community and country very shortly.

God is with us.

​Quick ​Facts:

  • ​Wells Fargo & Co.’s private bank brand is called Abbot Downing, and it's ​
  • ​for ​Ultra High Net Worth Households (UHNWH)​ with $50 million (liquid cash) ​or more to invest​ .
  • Abbot Downing is named after ​the 19th century custom carriage builder who catered to the wealthy.
  • The original ​company ​built the iconic stagecoaches that have come to represent ​the ​Wells Fargo​ banking brand​.
  • Abbot Downing​ has a 40-year history serving ultra-high-net-worth clients, provides planning, asset management, private banking, family dynamics and education, and trust, fiduciary and administrative services to more than 600 clients. 
  • The firm serves clients in all 50 states through offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Winston-Salem, Palm Beach, Naples and other regional offices. 
  • Abbot Downing is the world’s eighth-largest family office based on assets, according to the 2013 Bloomberg Markets survey​ with over 1.7 Trillion in client assets and ​500 people on staff — including psychologists and staff dedicated to building family genealogies​.​
  • ​A​bbot Downing goes ​well ​beyond traditional wealth planning analysis by focusing on clients’ values, goals and vision​ using a team of a​dvisors and ​family ​dynamics consultants ​to ​focus on ​issues arising from ​traditional wealth planning, cash flow, investments and wealth transfer​.
  • They also consider a broader consultation regarding the complex human dimensions to sudden and generational wealth, family legacy, governance, leadership transition, family education and risk management