Wednesday, August 10, 2016

RV/GCR SITREP - August 10, 2016

Received via email....

8:00:00 EST
August 10, 2016


Fact: RV performance is an absolute and immanent forthcoming event.  Thus it's wise to take some time today to absorb this truth so that you can properly prepare emotionally for a massive change in your life / consciousness.

RV related things that appear as "delayed" are not nearly as dramatic or intense for currency holders as they might feel.

All banking technical aspects are completed. In fact, private clients within the US, actual currency holders, have been exchanging domestically into USN liquidation via Wells Fargo off site redemption centers since last Sunday--per the approval of the Chinese Elders.

However, the US Republic has decided to leverage the Elders own desire to begin on 8/8, and are attempting to renegotiate some geopolitical security policy issues between still hostile sovereign nation actors.

This list would include sovereign nations such as Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, Syria and Saudi Arabia.  It also includes the now defaulted and imploding 4th shadow branch of the old USA Inc government -- this's negotiation is playing out publicly via the current presidential election.

When in fact the US election already has a private resolution that is just waiting to be revealed publicly.  Meaning, behind the scenes, there's literally no significant drama who is going to run let alone win. 

Crazy yes, but 100% true as reported months earlier from key sources serving the newly restored Republic government.  There's been a meaningful and permanent regime change within our own US government structure.

As such, it's wise to take a moment and absorb this truth as possibility especially for those who are still in disbelief or denial about major political transformation globally in conjunction with radical financial transition.

This is why objects in the mirror are closer than they appear because all 7,000+ redemption centers (1,700 ZIM specific in US alone) are currently just hovering at an any minute, any second alert level--and have been since the start of August.

But here we are in real life, so on everyday survival terms, we wait on the release of 800#s.  Know that Wells Fargo has that responsibility on the US, but is caught between the Republic (Dunford) and their Chinese owners (Elders).  The bank must wait on Little Brother and Big Sister to settle all family business before they serve us the big bountiful historic meal.  

It seems several younger and smaller siblings are still fighting for their place in the family now that the rules have changed and being enforced, and all believe that slightly misbehaving is their best negotiating strategy.  All are wrong however.

It's critically important to understand the world simply cannot move forward without an implemented global reset and revaluation of all sovereign currencies back to a gold standard of value.

There is no plan B, only plan A which includes all 209 sovereign nation states moving as one, in compliance harmony with the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

What we are "waiting on" is for all said 209 sovereign nations to fully implement deal terms previously agreed to and signed into international law.

So we're all made to watch a non-complicated macro situation play out with a seemingly endless amount of last second horse trading here at the very end--as every nation needs the RV to survival with some using the RV to better position their country's best interests moving forward into the new economy.

President General Joseph Dunford (US Republic) has been ordered to Beijing as a result, as even he is using the RV to hold non-compliant sovereign nations to their own pre-agreed upon terms, and using his country's new digital currency from going international (USN) as last minute negotiating tactic.

Ironically, this actually serves US best interests long term, while delaying its progress in the short term.  But the additional time actually helps secure American interests globally, even if domestically currency holders / banks are made to temporarily wait/suffer.

So yes we're all growing more anxious.  And yes the entire world is impatiently waiting for the US to allow the release of its currency so it can be freely traded across markets worldwide... but whatever the issues that remain either the siblings geopolitically, know they will resolve because they must comply and in short order.

There is no other option per their own diplomatically negotiated and signed international treaty.

So be at peace.  We are there.  And feel great in knowing that the devil is finally being rooted out of the details... never to return.

God is with us.