Monday, August 1, 2016

The Great Awakening – Zen Gardner on True North Radio

There are deep changes occurring in the world. Many people are seeing the world very differently than they did even a short while before. For example, the sudden mass recognition that our political system is largely rigged.

To discuss this mass awakening/ mass recognition we have Zen Gardner of Zen has been a writer chronicling the mass awakening for many years through his insightful commentary on his web site and many others.

Zen Gardner likes to distill, synthesize and pull up the big picture – and then reveal how all of this affects the individual and the motivating realities that lie beneath. What is our role? What do we do or not do now that we know we’ve been deceived on so many levels, all while keeping an attitude of conscious awareness?

The awakening is an amazing phenomenon that even so-called alternatives and activists are often cynical about. This is because many haven’t yet seen or felt the shift fully for themselves or identified the amazing manifestations of this rise in conscious awareness. Moving into the next dimension of understanding – intuition, heart knowledge or whatever people want to call it – is the final frontier for humanity and our true source of power. Once we fully awaken, the playing field morphs into a whole new paradigm with much greater means of effectiveness becoming available.