Saturday, September 17, 2016

CapnGriff Op-Ed: David Wilcock & Corey Goode Cosmic Disclosure Ascension News

Corey: Well, it's quite a sight to behold. My heart was beating faster. I was breathing faster. And it didn't help my anxiety - the next thing that Tear-Eir communicated.

He communicated that if at this moment this event occurred, less than 300,000 people from the planet would be harvested or ascend.
~ Cosmic Disclosure: The Return of Gonzales  Season 6, Episode 2 (
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The Event: Is This Our Final Exam?

Hello, all. I subscribe to Gaia TV and watch Wilcock's Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode weekly. This week, they left us with a great big cliff hanger. Good writing? Good intel? Maybe both. In the program, of Cosmic Disclosure, near the last 8 minutes or so, they talk about what must relate to what many of us refer to as “The Event”. Even Cobra has spoken of a possible dramatic end time event.

Only recently, it seems that off-worlders were expecting only about 30,000 humans to ascend. Now the number has moved upward to about 10 times that amount to 300,000 ascendees, shall we call them. What bothers me, and will bother many is that on a planet of 7.3 billion individuals that is a very small percentage. Microscopic actually. Which means your chance or mine is next to zero of getting out of here alive.

It seems the sun will begin to pulse and send out waves of various wave lengths that only humans with higher consciousness can survive. One of these waves has our names on it and only a lucky few that understand or have been able to transcend all worldly challenges will be left. I'm not happy about that. Nor do I think you should be either. Many of us read, study, meditate on the higher things to ready ourselves for ascension. For all that work, we will be slapped in the face and told by God, you fail! How does that make you feel? I can say it makes me feel like my best is just not good enough.

As I look down the road for as far as I can see at this moment in time, we were looking for a world that was about to be successful in throwing off the mantle of our oppressors. Many, in the know, are/were hoping for an RV/GCR, NESARA, GESARA that would finally ease our burden. These may still happen but accordingly “The Event” also seems close at hand. We may finally get our release from the current financial system and then be slapped down and gone by the hand of God just when we thought things have finally turned for the better.

So, why do I bring all this up? Well, for me it comes down to attaining the right information. Why would a loving God slap us off the face of this wonderful planet and the only home we remember, just as we are finally handed freedom from the cabal, new and righteous governments, and finally a chance to undue what we have done to the world in the name of money. For the most part we have been kept in the dark by sadistic sociopaths that could not care less if the world disappears. We must handle this new intel in some way. For me, it makes little sense, to see this happen. Perhaps the planet Mars is representative of how the cabal operates. They come, invent new life (like us, slaves) deceive them into serving them and when the next “Event” is due they let it all crumble and away they go to begin their destruction on some other sphere leaving us with a shadow of a remnant to rebuild. If we look at Mars as a model, we must ask “So how's that working out?” Not well, as we can see the destruction lingers.

My mind boggles at the spectre of all that is facing us. Perhaps this intel of a destructive sun is just another test for us. Perhaps it is a warning. However, I would suggest that we have been tied to the railroad tracks and told their will be a train along soon. For each of us, facing this information comes down to choosing to believe or not to believe it. Those that deny it are looking to maintain a plane of serenity for as long as possible and hoping “The Event” is not real. A few of us will say, oh well, I'm ascending and that sure is tough yall. And then there are some like me that questions did I really sign up for this stuff (not my normal vernacular). Did I really put up with all this just to disappear in a flash? I thought I had a better handle on this and most of us would ascend.

The bottom line is, Corey Goode may have better intel than you and I. And he's just the messenger and we probably shouldn't shoot him. That said, I rather wish he'd kept his mouth shut. And intel as we know is often wrong. I wonder if this is our final exam?

Love to all, we deserve better than this,