Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Captain Cramer and the Secret Space Program

Captain Randy Cramer, USMC is a nearly Life-long Experiencer/Contactee, as well as a U.S. military participant in the off-world parallel space programmes that have been taking place since the 1950’s on Mars, the Moon and elsewhere.

EMN in association with “CONTACT TV” presents the FIRST OF THREE interviews featuring Captain Cramer.  Two subsequent, upcoming interviews will be posted on OCTOBER 15th and DECEMBER 1st, respectively.  Although “CONTACT TV” is a visual format, extreme (and highly mysterious) technical problems interfered with our ability to record visuals for this particular show, so the programme will be available in AUDIO ONLY.  This is a completely anomalous turn of events, but all-too-typical when presenting Captain Cramer’s highly sensitive and controversial information.  Captain Cramer’s two more upcoming appearances will be recorded and posted in full audio/video format.

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