Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fall(s) Are Upon Us: Poem by al

Fall(s) Are Upon Us

The fall is upon us, a beautiful time of year.
September has brought us much energy, another fall is very near.

No, not the one of colored leaves, falling gentle upon the ground,
but one of falling darkness, tumbling, one by one, and going down.

Some say, show us please, we see no proof of this.
Why then ask yourself, am I awakened, and if so, what may I have missed?

For if you seek it out, this fall has shown you clearly.
That many events are occurring now, we cheer them on so dearly.

This fall has also brought to every man, and woman and child,
a wonderful wave of personal power energy, empowering all the while.

So as you observe this loving fall, where trees release their dyeing leaves,
remember, there is another fall occurring, dieing slowly, nothing left up their dark sleeves.

Please look beyond the headlines, latest blog post, news of the day.
Go outside, in Gods creation, commune with nature, shout hooray!

For each day now that passes, we get closer to the great fall.
Use your power, use your energy, use your conscience mind for all.
And together, all as one, we will manifest, the greatest fall of all.

my heart to your heart