Monday, September 5, 2016

‘Floating alien with teleportation abilities’ caught on camera in Peru (VIDEO)

The object can be seen at the edge of the station. © Anthony Choy
A mysterious object caught on a security camera floating at a Peruvian gas station could be an alien, according to a UFO researcher in the South American country.

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Footage of the object, which is thought to be 3ft (1m) tall with changing colors, shows it approaching the Pachacamac gas station, floating on the edge, and then being chased off by attendants.

UFO researcher Anthony Choy also produced a second video of the object he claims was taken at the same gas station.

Emitting a blue glow, the small dome with tentacles attached can be seen ignoring Earthly laws and crossing a road with reckless abandon.

Our alien friend is unfazed when a truck appears to drive right through it as it wanders off aimlessly, probably looking for Machu Picchu.

Choy told Peruvian news outlet El Popular that the video was genuine.

“This being is unique, initially it was thought it was a robot or drone but this has been ruled out because the entity made ​​no noise and had no engine or rotors.” Choy said, claiming the being was “not of this world.”

He believes the being traveled to Earth via an inter-dimensional gate and that mankind is too closed minded to perceive this phenomenon.

Choy said the gas station workers requested protection after the incident, and went on to accuse the Peruvian government of masking the presence of alien beings with a “‘perverse pyramidal power structure that keeps the ‘sleeping’ humanity controlled by a voracious consumer society.”

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