Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Intel Report from Mefredsr: "Hillary [Clinton] flat lined at 9 am on Sunday September 4th and is dead"

Hillary 9/18/16

Intel is verifying that Hillary flat lined at 9 am on Sunday September 4th and is dead. 

The arrest or pick up on 911 was a double who was acting. Her recent appearances are faked. Attendance is sparse.

During an intel briefing, we were played a song from The Wizard of Oz…”Ding Dong The Witch is dead” ……………………..E.



To our shock and dismay, SNOPES.com has published a completely fraudulent criticism of the article above, and declared it "FALSE."  Their logic was that since WABC-TV has more viewers than any other TV station in the entire USA, if our story was true, "it would have been big news."  They declared our story FALSE because they found it "implausible" that Eyewitness News Anchor Joe Torre would have siad what we claimed.

On September 13, WABC-TV and McClatchy News Service in Washington DC confirmed that Eyewitness News Anchor Joe Torre DID, IN FACT, say "we begin tonight with details about Hillary Clinton's death."  and those remarks did, in fact, go out over the air!  Here is the link to our follow-up story containing the links to the McClatchy and  WABC-TV confirmation.

SNOPES.com never bothered to call, fax, write or email us before they published their shameful article about us.  They also never called, faxed, wrote or even emailed WABC-TV.  They simply decided on their own that since THEY found our story to be "implausible" they could declare it FALSE.

Turns out SNOPES.com was wrong and we were right.

The next time you see SNOPES.com decalring anything to be "false" ask them if they even bothered to check or if they're just giving their own OPINION.

SNOPES.com is terribly unreliable and you should not take their publication seriously as they do not use Journalistic standards.