Monday, September 5, 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown Energy Update - September 3, 2016

By Lisa Brown, 09/03/2016

Aloha beautiful love family,

EMPWe shall start experiencing more energy pulses, electromagnetic waves (EMP), plasma and more…. these pulses will be felt intermittently, in & out we go, continual expansion/contraction, often both simultaneously now. This allows one’s heart and mind to be open while “squeezing” the heart/cells…. “pushing” stronger and gentler all at the same time. Continual re-calibrations… (We went through the same thing with Wave 1 last September 2015)…

Our atmosphere, inside and out, if you notice, is merging the other higher frequency dimensions in our physical one here (as we expand into them). Our atmosphere as we “go higher in frequency bandwidth existence”, is a culmination of many atmospheres… Galactic, LeMUrian, others….. Our weather, the Earth/Gaia… stirring, awakening collective storms of everything, transforming and merging all too, into a higher atmospheres with less physical density. Physical mass and space mass is shifting/changing/de-densifying substantially… Cosmic storms increase in various ways to clear this too. Physical Earth Gaia continually reconstructs/reshapes matter-form as well. Everything physically now…. continual particle re-alignment with each wave, blast, burst, activation of higher vibrational light. Integration can be easy and instant, with enough alone time, sleep, nature as a natural way of being…

The amount of electromagnetic energy inside of our bodies and out, plasma energy… is substantial now. Gone are the days of the old and with it goes the old ways, the old realities, the old existences of unconsciousness…. Old Earth is gone and NEW Earth continually reshapes, re-calibrates, re-configures, re-aligns, re-programs itself too.

NEW Earth has expanded into other dimensions, other atmospheres, other galaxies, where our evolution is a continual integration of all of our existences here. Our Earth Ship is alive, breathes, expands and anchors the other spacial dimensions simultaneously too. Earth, Gaia, Terra Nova evolution… Can you imagine/see a little bit of every dimensional reality continually merging/already here? Planetary DNA evolving through all becoming conscious and one…. a living, breathing, organism, where we are all a part of the whole, inner-connected, with every cell, atom, molecule breathing simultaneously, continually expanding, integrating, streaming light, love, information through each of us, the foundational, continually stabilizing and re-structuring Crystalline Gridwork of NEW Earth.

Continually increasing in magnitude, everything created out of unconsciousness is will be consumed by PURE SOURCE LIGHT. Love, peace, compassion, deep sacred respect, honor, kindness, unity, freedom, full abundance, all return, through the dissolution of realities where any separation still was held.

These waves of profound photonic light, they touch all. They activate that which was dormant and asleep, they awaken our SOUL even more (which doesn’t seem possible, yet it always is), they lift and elevate, stimulate, enhance, expand, magnify, amplify, polarize, bringing realizations through “bursts and blasts” that are soft for that which is in-alignment and strong for that which is not.

Everyone is affected by these, whether they know it or not. It’s just that the more asleep one chose to go, the less aware of how/what all is. The human aspect discounts, rationalizes or labels all as something different, instead of seeking to understand and accept the simple explanation. The more resistance, the LOUDER realities get, so that they can be heard, often repeatedly, until the SOUL becomes important enough for the heart-mind to open to want to pay attention/listen/see. Until one’s life is touched/affected, many don’t tend to want to open up for something that messes with their fixed reality world. The more stubborn/fixed one is, the stronger the experience is. In these frequencies, strong is imminent, because timelines collapse continually into one, and when this occurs, the walled-heart/closed-minded human aspect finds themselves in the vibrational space to have open up. These are the responses to chosen experiences by that individual soul. It’s what is necessary, when the human aspect chooses suffering as the only way to open their heart, while others FEEL the “safety” of SOUL ESSENCE and open their hearts in response to the feeling and don’t worry about what their head says…

Whatever it takes to get one’s heart open fully so that their own soul can “come through” (emerge), these are the vibrations we are in. There are no victims, for SOUL AWAKENINGS are the most beautiful and profound experiences…It’s the humanness, the old programs, the deeply held beliefs and magnitude of energy (emotions) suppressed, this is the part that many do not understand. The SOUL is pure. The physical body is clearing distorted illusory programs of imbalances, impurities, density of separation/unconsciousness…. The separated sleeping human aspect cannot see yet, until human and soul merge into one space, inside the body and continual integration/unification can occur. This is where vision, peace, bliss, magic and profound sacred love and respect are experienced again. It’s also where abundance of all things are brought forth, first energetically, through feeling, then through mastery, creation, application/implementation of all of the wisdom and knowledge to HOW all truly functions here.

WHERE each comes/functions from is what matters… for if your every breath and cells are only filled with sacred love, gratitude, appreciation, respect, integrity, creation, inner-power/presence, Divinity, alchemy, purpose, intention, inspiration, deep sacred connection with everything/all as ONE, then you are not wasting, you are utilizing, you are supporting, constantly stepping-up, sharing and embracing absolutely everything with every particle and fiber of your BEing and your physical reality is easy… for you’ve MASTERED the physical from inside of you, as it was all just energy…. as are we.

WE maintain this connected space, at all times….. It’s how we exist as Divine Souls & Light BEings here.

There is a lot going on inside our Crystalline LightBody structures right now. High frequency solar electromagnetic winds softly charging our cells, stimulating & activating our crystals, weaving light, re-coding all…. Mostly the spine right now, some could feel adrenal overload, which depletes the “fight or flight” and releases “softening” hormones, clears resistance, as the heart is opened substantially in every moment. We have multiple activations running simultaneously right now. 

Honor you, your body, your journey. Feed your spirit happy awesomeness!

Have a magical, amazing and beyond exquisite day! 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Speaker, Guide