Monday, September 26, 2016

Simon Parkes Update (With Notes) September 18, 2016
Highlights of some of the topics Simon covered:

  • Simon has (had, hopefully) kidney stones and requested for healing from listeners by visualising the stones being broken up
  • Acknowledges that it's a "demanding time for everybody"; he'll be taking a 2-week break
  • Hillary: it was a body double who emerged from Chelsea's apartment, and also out of the vehicle after the stumble; the one on the airplane is an un-souled clone, which is a significant development. (Simon had previously informed that Hillary hadn't consented to the clone receiving her Soul because she knows that it would be the end for her.)
  • The following potential was discussed at high levels ~ the world would be told of Hillary's  ill-health, which would mean she won't be fit to run. Since there's insufficient time to appoint a replacement, the election would be postponed and Obama would stay on a bit longer. The status quo political arm are determined to keep Trump out, because he's backed by the military
  • Norad's old Cheyenne underground base was fitted to protect against very real possibility of EMP pulses
  • White beams from ships are non-disruptive scanners; red are X-ray-like; very light blue/violet are tractor beams; blue beams bathe groups to mind-blank them eg in UFO sightings. Many beams are used to perform analysis or create stable portals
  • 10 Eton students held private talks with Putin at end August, this is not the first time such a thing has taken place, it's quite normal for potential leaders who usually come from Cambridge, Oxford, Eton
  • Explosions at certain locations are like "drip-drip" exercises to build peoples' minds to expect the big agenda for terrorism
  • Chipping is still on the agenda because it's cheapest and easiest. May be done through Fake Alien Invasion agenda by showing aliens who look like your next-door neighbours, therefore people have to be chipped so that they can be scanned to verify that they are human. Chipping could be carried out through threat of major virus outbreak.

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