Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sophia Love : As We Shift - A Disclosure Manifesto


The response to this edition of the newsletter was off the charts.  What you are about to read is a nice summary of most of them.  It was penned by a reader and edited by me.  It is meant to be shared, so please post freely.  The people are speaking.  Now let’s see what kind of answer we get…

Hi Sophia,
I've just finished reading your newsletter of 9/2/2016 that describes your conversations (in late February 2016) with an off planet being named "Ra" regarding the extension of Disclosure for another 100 years.  
I am appalled and very upset (as I know you are also) at the possibility of such matters being discussed without any representation by Humanity.  I would like to respond to some of the issues you raise Sophia and to Ra and all other beings that are responsible for FULL DISCLOSURE:

“We, the collective of planet earth, are approaching 8 billion in number.  Imagine, 8 billion strong, what a group we are, what a force of sheer power, & I love them all.  How could I, I've never met them you say, and I say because I'm connected to them. I'm connected to 8 billion people, yep, that is the lifesaving part of this human construct we enjoy.  You see, the conscious & unconscious part of ourselves connects us to other people whether we know it or not.

The connection is always there; like picking up the phone and talking.   When we focus a great deal of our energy within our own inner world in order to solve a problem, another parallel energy arises (at the same time) in the people & the situations around us.  This parallel energy is our communication line.  In this way, we can amplify our powers of creation.

This is perhaps the most powerful force individuals have at their disposal. It assists them with all parts of their lives. Further, even when we are not around each other physically, what we do in fantasy and imagination goes out through the collective unconscious and is felt by everyone.

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