Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Breaking News of Possible Nuclear Exchange Between USA Inc and Russia in Syria

Most are aware that the Galactics and secret space program alliances have declared that they can decommission all nuclear armaments. Questions remain as to what this really means? Awaiting more information from different sources. 

Source Update:  "there are no more nuclear weapons Enerchi… be at peace..."

See these links below for disclosure about E.T. groups deactivating nuclear missile silos....
Nuclear weapons may be out of commission but conventional military war is still playing out before our eyes in Syria.  

Here is a website that keeps track of all the armed conflict in the world today.  Sadly it is a long list.  Once the Paris Agreement is in force we can provide humanitarian relief and end the wars.

See the list of global armed conflicts here..... http://www.warsintheworld.com/?page=static1258254223


URGENT: Military Told Prepare for Tactical Nuclear Exchange with Russia in Syria! *** MORE **** Stateside Military told to Prepare for Intercontinental one-for-one Nuke exchange!!!!