Monday, October 10, 2016

Neil Keenan's Response To Benjamin Fulford & RV/GCR Update - October 10, 2016 | October 10

News from the Family shared with Neil states that the Global Currency Reset should be ready this coming week, or soon after. The Dinars be first with the ZIM’s following shortly afterwards.

The International Monetary Fund has already been handled by the Family. They have three people inside the IMF and they are now running the IMF. Christine Lagarde is only the front person.

Further updates will be published as they come to hand.


Reported by Blake via IntelDinarChronicles


I am sorry to learn that Ben Fulford says I am dead. I just checked myself, and everything seems to be in place; I went to the toilet and everything worked just fine.

I even checked Ben's emails and Skype messages to see if he actually sent me any. To be frank, I did not receive anything from him, so I am not sure what emails he is talking about. Then again, according to Ben, I am "dead" so why should I be so concerned?

I will tell you why. I am concerned, because I have so many people that I care about, and I cannot go anywhere until I complete what I started. I am concerned, because I have so many dear friends that would be heartbroken should something happen to me. I am concerned, because damn it, I do not want to lose the person I love nor my son...Thaas why! I want to enjoy everything we have accomplished after this is over with and begin to really live again.

Finally, I want to see the Cabal turn over their sword to us, so count on me staying for a while. Perhaps here is where Ben might have gone astray. Recently, the Clintons did seriously threaten us. As a result, I did contact one of their hit men here in Europe and was told that Ben was going first and then myself.

There were a couple of attempts in the past couple of months to eliminate me, and in both instances I dealt with things pretty well. First my toe was severely damaged about 2 months ago ,and then my leg was nearly broken. It seemed as though everything was getting torn up. Finally, the poison packs started opening in my body, which tore me up during the past two weeks or so.

Now Benjamin says that I'm dead. Well, if I'm dead, I'm doing a great job of looking alive! I realize I often keep things to myself pretty much, but when it comes to this matter, I must respond. After Ben exposed this, he went on further to erroneously say that we are working with the Rockefellers (like Hell, not in this lifetime!), and that the Zimbabwe notes are not real. I want to emphasize the deal with the Dinars and Zims is VERY real, and I have no interest in it at all other than to help get the information out to my friends.

Finally, I don’t know what I can do to prove I am alive other than to do the Irish Jig with you all…hahahahha….Just take care and do not fall for anything …This is getting near the end and we will hear all kinds of things. I am already out there attempting to get the financing so I can get into the Accounts and will continue to do so until I drop.

All the Best,

Neil Keenan

PPS...Ben must have had a lot of whiskey before writing his latest post. When Ben drinks, he can't see anything anyway..."