Friday, October 21, 2016

NESARA Audio Intel Update Yosef & Tank via @RealTruthCall2

This audio call took place on October 20th through 21st of 2016.

Lots of intel and updates regarding the current geopolitical landscape, RV/GCR, NESARA, GESARA, Dark Cabal, Republic and more.

Intel provided by Yosef and Tank

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Real Truth Call for 10/20 ft. Yosef, Tank Transcription by PinkRoses

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Starting at the 32 minute mark:

TANK: Higher level of security was put on all financial institutions as of 4pm Thursday. That high alert level of security extended to all security available as military and police, all involved.

Yosef: There are 22,000 ZIM holders that have purchased currency in the United States. Which mean if you extend that out to another 20% to 30%, you are probably looking at just under 30,000 ZIM holders in the United States. The first 72 to 96 hours you could process most of the 30,000 ZIM holders in that very short time given there is a lot of ZIM exchanges made just exclusively made for people holding ZIM because of its value. There is going to be another level of security now. Once you call into the currency exchanges and set your appointment after you get the toll free number, they will actually track your phone so that if any nonsense that goes on between you and the redemption center they will be able to follow you. It is a good idea to have your phone on at all times, and use the same phone you made the call on for your benefit to be tracked at that point. They have extended the perimeter out. They have drones up in the air that will be governing the main thorough fares into these redemption centers. They will all be easy on and off exits, and very well lit. They have taken that all into consideration. Also they have Special Forces in plain clothes that are lining the highways monitoring things and standing guard without you knowing they exist. Once you get on the exchange site, they will video tape your license plate, take a digital check of that and run your plates in case there is an issue with your priors. They will make sure you are who you say you are and you have an appointment at that time... If there is a problem they probably won’t let you in the door. This is really thorough stuff. They will track you. They will put a little GPS sticker magnet under your wheel well and track you all the way home. They will have eyes on you from the time you call in to the time you get home. They want to make sure you have a full round completion.

Yosef: The Currency rates: ZIM: 8125, IQD: 221, IRR: 221, VDN: 128, IDR: 102
AFA: 10.50

Yosef: These are all first basket currency and all redeemed at the printed face value. The ZIM has the highest face value thus the highest rates. The highest face value for the ZIM is 100 Trillion. That is why the ZIM is unusual. The redemption rates will vary with individual humanitarian and job creations and aspirations. Depending on the depth and scope and preparation of your material it will sway the Abbot Downing and Wells Fargo teams that are governing your redemption appointment to determine really what you can handle and sign a rate to it. In terms of liquidity and NDA and what has to be put for job humanitarian creation that is your own private wealth all that is privately negotiable.

Yosef: Bring a one or two page, top 5 page synopsis; have it printed out maybe bounded. Bring a bio of yourself. Present yourself. They need to know who you are in a very short period of time. It shows you are ready and prepared if you know the rates and have the Know-Your-Client information which they will make copies of it and put it in a file. They have to justify who they gave what in terms of the numbers and be responsible for their decision just as you will have to be responsible for your decision. It is just common courtesy to be prepared when you go in to a business meeting. Everybody has been in an interview and some sort of formal meeting. If you never done it before do the best you can, be yourself tell them what you want to do and throw it out there. They might not give you $8000 on the ZIM but what they will give you will be fantastic. 

Yosef: Give them the opportunity to understand quickly in a quick glance on a page who you are, where you from, what is your job experience been, where you live, how old you are, how many kids you have, charities you have helped and participated in, ideas of what you want to do with your community and plan to do. However you want to do it. Be neat, be concise, no more than 5 pages. Have a little summary of who you are as a person so they can gage know your client (KYC). Every banker has to go through a series of steps and questions in order to gage who you are on the other side of the table because they have to put their reputation on the line for whatever rate, liquidity, and trust they give you. They have such a responsibility because they are just meeting people cold. This is why they have gone through years of practicing so they can get a feel for people. This is why they did samples of redemptions with people for lower amounts so they can get a feel of the process. This is how they will be able to discern people quickly by how they present themselves when they come in. Are they on time? What are they wearing? How do they speak? Are their materials Grade A? Grade B? Are their ideas out there? Are they highfalutin? Are they tangible? Are they measurable? These are the types of things they will be looking for. They have a check list of maybe 20 things they have to hit in order to give you the highest rate. If you are not prepared for that already there is no preparation for that. Just go in and present yourself bring in what you got, be honest, speak from the heart. Don’t get too focus on the zeros. Don’t get too focus on maximizing the event financially. If you have one ZIM note you have maximized the event. If you have 10 million to 100 million dong or dinar you have maximized the event. You have taken your family out of poverty. More so look to accomplishing something going in. What was it you want to accomplish when you started this? What was it? Was it to fix your country? Your city? Hunger? Housing for the poor? Was it food supply? Was it reaffirmation of the school systems? Why did you go in? Why did you start this process? Why did you listen to all these calls and look at all these emails? Why? Be honest with that so that when you come forward you are speaking to someone you are speaking from the depth of your heart. They will look to see if you are truly engaged in what you are saying or you are just throwing out a spill. If you are really engaged and passionate about it, they will get that and they will want to help you. You will tell them Look I need help here. I need help to get to this spot so when I leave here I need to accomplish that for them. I need a partner that is going to help me help the homeless. I need a partner that is going to help me fix Cleveland, help me fix Haiti, help me fix Nova Scotia, help me help the Native American Indians, help me fix Vancouver, Calgary. I need a partner to help me help the indigenous peoples of Australia and New Zealand. That is who I need. Can you do that for me? Put it on them verses saying what rate should I give you? Say I need a partner to do this. If you come from an honest and sincere place they will go over backwards and strength on their rates regardless what your presentation is to help you.

Tank: I don’t think anyone needs to be stressed out, to be something they are not. I know people are telling me I am going in with 100 charities I am going to donate to. I don’t know if that is going to get exactly what you are looking for because that is not where they may want to put their money. I think there is a difference between speaking the truth and being the truth speaking. What Yosef was talking about is speaking about whom you are and what you want to do genuinely and passionately and speaking with that kind of authority. I think that is so much more impactful. I am very comfortable telling someone straight I am going to change the world. When I say it I am not putting on a show. That is how I feel. It is much more impactful then if I was just to list off a whole bunch of things. To change the world there is so many different things I am going to pursue, and I don’t want to be limited by anything financial. I want to have the authority to be creative, and the creative mind is constantly changing and constantly expanding. Something is to be said to be able to speak with that kind of authority. If you are someone that just want to buy a house on a lake and take care of your kids that is okay too. I want to let people off the hook. On the other hand, if you feel charged, feel that charge to do something and feel you are going to have that charge and feel you want to change the world and you don’t even know how to change make sure you want to. You want to make things better. You want to have that impact. Make sure you go in with that too. I think that is really truly is enough. Go in with that. Talk to them and say I need a partner. These people are going to be working with you a long term. It is okay that you don’t know how to do everything. They will respect that. No one does. Say I want to do this. Don’ think it. Say I don’t know how to exactly, but I want to and I am going to pursue it until I figure out how. I think that will go a lot longer than to go in pretending to be someone you are not just to get the highest rate. Get the highest rate that is right for you, and that is okay.

Yosef: Leave and just focus on with the end in mind. It is good to visualize yourself when you walk out of the redemption and you walk back into your house do you feel good about how you handled yourself, how you presented yourself, and what you asked for? If you try to bring home the entire buffet in a doggy bag, you are going to be miserable. You won’t have the emotional space to house it all. Take what you need. Think of long term in your asking and look for a partnership between yourself and the bank in order to accomplish something for others. If you are just looking at it just what you are going to need in your family and household, that is easy. That is already done. The elders have already given you rates so high. That is already taken care of. This is really the sovereign rate, the ZIM specifically in the first few days. This is It is about who is going to stand up raise their hands and say I am going to help heal the souls of the world and here is what I am doing to accomplish that. We don’t need you with ten things. Don’t give me ten programs. Don’t give me ten presentations. Tell me why God created you to help heal the souls of the world. Tell me that. Let expand with that instead of telling me I got 50 projects and them trying to figure out what you want accomplish while you are sitting there in the hour you are with them.

Yosef: With the RV you have all these numbers to choose from. You do. There is one number that will give you the greatest joy. There is one number that will help you fulfill your covenant. There is one truth that will come from within you out that the person on the other side of that desk, that team is going to hear and going to go that is it. Let us help him with that. If you know to lead with that instead of fumbling around for 30 minutes trying to find it, you are in a lot better shape. I don’t think that has to do anything with presentation, or what you are wearing or anything.

Tank: They are investing in you.

Yosef: Yes they are investing in you, but you have to know who you are. 

Tank: Yes, that is right.

Yosef: Do not lie. Whatever is true about you, shout it from the rooftops. We are anticipating that they are going to get through most of the ZIM holders, 95% of them in the first 48 hours or the first two days. They are the people who are paying attention. There is going to be 5 % to 10% that just put it in the top drawer and they will get to it when they get to it. They will keep the redemption locations open that are specifically for ZIM. You better call and make that appointment right off the bat so you can get in the first two days, first 48 hours. I think that is where the sovereign rates are going to be even though you will be able to exchange the ZIM after that. In terms of Wells Fargo and Abbott Downing, they are teaming up to handle the ZIM specifically. Wells Fargo is overseeing all the redemption centers in North America. HSBC is also participating overseas. A lot of people in foreign lands overseas are asking where should we go for our redemption, who should we call? Just call the 800 number. Whoever you get even if is the United States even if you are in New Zealand, you could say Listen I am from New Zealand is there a New Zealand bank I can call. I am sure they will have that for you internationally as well. Feel free to ask that even with North America numbers. In terms of the bank that is overseeing everything overseas and actually even overseeing Wells Fargo here in the United States and North America is HSBC. Your best bet wherever you are in the world is to contact an HSBC bank to figure out where to go to redeem your currency.

Yosef: Abbott Downing is the prominent wealth management bank, ultra high net worth private management bank for what is the Wells Fargo family. They are a separate bank from Wells Fargo. They are a separate bank and entity from Wells Fargo advisors. They are their own private bank. They are a separate bank and entity from Wells Fargo private bank. They are their own little bank, their own money management group. They only deal with people who have $50 million dollars in cash that is liquid to invest. Not that they have at total of $50 million cash, but they have $50 million liquid to invest. That is really a very small number that everybody that has ZIM qualifies for. Hence the presence of Abbott Downing in the exchange process.

ZIM holders will receive the first toll free appointments in the call centers. That is true because of the volume. We have talked about the redemption size will be because of the face value of the ZIM and the redemption number is so high, the redemption rate. It is so much higher than the other currencies in the first basket. That is why you are getting the first appointments. There will be a team of Abbott Downing to assist you. We hear a team of 5 to 10 depending on how big you are. Enjoy that. If you don’t like crowds get use to it because there will be a lot of eyeballs looking at you and kind of making judgments. It is really important to show up and be wholesome, honest, and true than be somebody trying to sell somebody on something that you are not prepared for.

Ending at the 58 minute mark.