Saturday, October 29, 2016

NESARA/Republic Intel Update - October 29, 2016

Received via email.....

"Drama Free"
Republic Update
October 29, 2016


"It's all about finding calm in the chaos." - Donna Karen


The RV is in its final phase of completion now.  We're told 800#s will be coming out at some point this weekend, no specific time has been given. 

There is no drama with those involved in the release.  It's a "drama free" in fact.  They have certainty, and so should you. 

However, there seems to be a lot of disinformation being introduced at the end.  Best to ignore most to all late breaking Intel and just go with what you already … from voices you trust. 

The revaluation has been underway all week and continues into this weekend with currencies now.  At some point, the currencies had to be dealt with and now is just that time.  So keep things simple.  

Zimbabwe is issuing new sovereign debt on Monday morning in Harare (October 31), so it would only make sense that all their fiat historic sovereign debt be harvested and reconciled now so that gold backed debt can be issued. 

Folks, the RV is not rocket science, but it is invisible for the most part.  In fact, it's actually just a series of pre-negotiated events that are now being carried out in crisp order, with a logical resolutions--including our domestic politics, Republic announcement, new currency introduction and the postponement of national elections… even Hillary's email scandal has been carefully scripted and time released for this moment… in the best interests of Republicans and Democrats.

Yes, things might appear random or sudden, even shocking, but everything at this stage of GESARA is 100% known to all parties and rolling out with precision the implementation phase of NESARA/GCR/RV/USN/ETC..  

You are just finding out who, what, why and how after everything has long been completed.  Do trust that the NPTB are following a benevolent protocol of release events to the absolute letter of their instructions--and all are in your favor. 

Meaning, it is very important to settle into the reality of the RV happening for you and your family this weekend, so that you can be properly prepared for your redemption physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Accept that its happening and happening now.

Remember, this is a gift that is being given to all of humanity, and you are but one humanity's early adapter leaders here to help administer and disburse peace and prosperity to all. 

Congratulations on consciously participating in the transition of humanity from dark to light, and engaging this brief but hyper dynamic financial transaction as to accomplish a miraculous end.

Feel good knowing this gift and transition, have been coordinated with 209 sovereign governments per signed treatied, and its release has been organized with unprecedented caution and security to safeguard your personal well being and physical health both in the short and long terms.  

Believe that no legitimate financial entity would gift out this kind of wealth without ensuring its protection.  They just had to keep the process secrete as long as possible, to thwart off all bad souls from compromising your gift; hence why the process was so painstaking slow.

The 800#s will be sent to you via email entitled TETELESTAI and/or be broadcast on normal currency update websites.  So be on the look out.  When you get this email, just call the 800# and set your appointment.  Very simple.  Very safe.  Very lucrative.  There's plenty of time.  Plenty of appointments.  Plenty of exchange liquidity for all currencies.  Plenty of professionals to guide you through the process.  

This is a drama free event.  So do choose calm over chaos in all situations.  Be at peace.  For all is well.

God Bless The Republic of the United States of America