Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Rachael Victoria" SITREP 05:00am EDT Wednesday October 5, 2016


"Rachael Victoria"
05:00am EDT
October 5, 2016


“But he who dares not grasp the thorn​ s
hould never crave the rose.” ​
 Anne Brontë


Yo, Chosen Ones,

Private redemptions continue like eager gentlemen lined up at a country fair waiting to kiss the beautiful woman for charity.  In this case her name is Rachael Victoria, and she's got sub groups, private banking clients, existing corporate clients and currency purchasers all lined up.

The good new is that the list is short, and getting noticeably shorter from what we understand, with only a few stragglers left now.

We're also told once this private grouping ends, another public grouping will begin shortly thereafter.  Bet you know who that is?  Yep, off-site, in-hand, Internet Group redeemers.  So Rachel Victoria appears to be taking her sweet time making herself beautiful for our short little 2 hour appointment. 

What a historic tease she has been… 

In other news, New Zealand ratified the Paris Agreement Tuesday.  Big whoop.  They were all of 0.2% of carbon emissions/GDP, that brings the total ratified to 52.11%, still 2.89% short of putting the Paris Agreement into force and automatically locking 197 countries into compliance for next 4 years.

Also yesterday, we discovered the EU Parliament passed a vote for all 28 European nations to ratify the Paris Agreement ASAP.  That's actually very important, because not only can France and Germany take the treaty over the top without Russia (who's flying 24 hour sorties all over Syria), but they expect to accomplish said treaty ratification and actual implementation before the week's end.   Is that Wednesday, Thursday or Friday?  And in what timezone curious minds want to know.  Standby on that issue--cause it matters.

So honestly, that's incredibly good news given that the gold standard would go internationally legal overnight, and then perhaps Rachael Victoria will make her first public appearance at a redemption center near you.  Which is kinda of a big deal when you're waiting to like make your mortgage payment and stave off another wolf at yet another door.  Don't these creditors know you're like a tri-bil-zillionaire already?  Ignorant fools all of them I tell ya. 

Love them anyway.

Hey, did you know that on Thursday at 4PM the international business week ends?  Maybe we'll see Rachel Victoria right after that?  If not, maybe by Friday 6pm after markets close?  If not, maybe she shows up between Saturday 8pm to Sunday 2am when all banks and markets are closed worldwide?  If not then, maybe she strolls in drunk after a weekend of boozing by 8pm Sunday when Chinese markets re-open for the week? 

Get the point?  Nobody really knows what's in the mind of this beautiful women except her, and even she's not so sure tonight.  So we joyfully wait, or do we silently rage and just act joyful?  I get so confused.

Stay positive people.  The RV has begun, it will reach you shortly as it should, as it must, by Heavenly decree.  Sobeit.

God is with us.