Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Savile and the 9th Circle - Exposing The Paedophile & Satanic Cult Network In The UK Government

First seen at GalacticConnection


The disgusting British government and their cover ups of paedophilia and murder of vulnerable children including disabled children why? because there is paedophiles in our government that’s why so how can any abused child in this country ever get the justice they deserve ? The police force , social services have all been involved in this , the very people that are supposed to be protecting our children are the ones the children need protecting from .We stay silent about this, even now its out in the open , we stay silent and now they are trying to normalise paedophilia into our society . Does any one actually realise the consequences of staying silent regarding this and what it means for every child in our country? your children? If we stay silent and let this happen then we don’t deserve children because who can they rely on to protect them if not their families ?. I believe wherever children are there is a pedo not far behind them and why are they allowed to live in built up areas where there’s are lots of children? If you don’t believe me I will prove it. Face it people the people running this country are sick , twisted child molesters and we’ve just made one prime minister . It is our duty to protect the children , if we all came together against this , something could be changed , so why aren’t we ? silence against this stuff is just as bad as committing the act itself. We are aiding and abetting this with our silence , its time we did what is right for the children . Everyone knows about the brainwashing in our society , well abused people are far easier to control because they are broken, think about that long and hard …