Thursday, October 13, 2016

This Wind-Powered Device Pulls 11 Gallons Of Drinkable Water From The Air Each Day


By Amanda Froelich
Whereas many individuals in developed nations often worry over catching their favorite television show, a constant stress for approximately 2.3 million people on the planet has to do with obtaining clean, drinking water. Fortunately, a solution to the latter conundrum has been presented, and it’s one that might ease generations of worry in locations where purified water is hard to come by.

The Water Seer collection device relies on simple condensation to collect drinkable water from the atmosphere and can provide up to 11 gallons of clean aqua each day without one external power source. Best of all, it can potentially run forever and does not create greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.

Credit: Water Seer

To ensure the device works, it’s planted six or more feet into the ground, then soil is packed around its metal neck. Inhabitat relays that the device holds a vertical wind turbine in which internal fan blades spin and draw in air into the subterranean chamber. Because the underground portion of the invention is cooled by the surrounding earth, water in the air drawn in by the turbine condenses and is collected in a sort of artificial reservoir. It’s from this well that people can draw clean, safe drinking water 24/7.

VICI-Labs is responsible for creating the game-changing device in collaboration with UC Berkley and the National Peace Corps Association. It didn’t take long for the IndieGoGo campaign to raise over $77,000. Apparently, many people are interested in seeing “orchards” of water collection devices in communities around the world.

August 2016, the prototype for the Water Seer device was finalized. Once the IndieGoGo campaign closes, the National Peace Corps Association will conduct field tests on the invention. Hopefully, the Water Seer will be utilized as a possible solution for the millions of people who lack regular access to safe drinking water.

If every village had just a few Water Seer devices, enough water could be collected to ensure more than enough for all members. To make this vision a reality, the not-for-profit company will match U.S. purchases of each unit by donating a Water Seer collection device to those in developing countries or arid climates in need. Click here to learn more.

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