Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Anna Von Reitz & Freewill Responses to the New Continental Dollar

Two Crocks in One Week

By Anna Von Reitz

Crock Number One:

Various alternative news sites are filled to overflowing with news about a new “US currency” being released.  The gullibility of some parties and especially some of those who are eagerly spreading information (along with disinformation and every rumor imaginable) never ceases to amaze me.
Please understand and grasp the fact that the words “United States of America” are not protected property.  They are not copyrighted and not patented.  As a result there are now over 350 different entities calling themselves some version of “United States” or “United States of America”.  They are a mish-mash of patriotic organizations and fraud schemes.

The one responsible for this latest bit of nonsense is calling itself “The United States of America” (as opposed to “the United States of America”, etc.) and is run out of Costa Rica by Frank O’Collins and Keith Livingway.  If you look at the tag line on this announcement you will see that it is issued by “Reign of Heaven”--- a cultish organization based on the historical and religious researches of Frank O’Collins.

Back in the 1980’s Keith Livingway discovered that something was wrong and caught onto the ending of the bankruptcy of “the United States of America, Inc.” and basically, he went to the bankruptcy sale and bought the office of “Postmaster General” via a claim on abandonment.  This is the same as buying a brand name, like “Twinkies”.

Like many others, Keith made the mistake of thinking the governmental services corporation was the actual government and he has clung ever since to his belief that he “captured” the lawful office of United States Post Master (Ben Franklin’s office) via his action.  A quick glance at the actual title dispenses with this claim.  Keith claims to be the Postmaster General--- this is a corporate office that never existed prior to the Civil War.  In other words, it is another deceptively similarly named corporate office and never represented any actual office in any sovereign government and certainly not the Office of the Post Master entrusted to act as the Trustee of our country’s land jurisdiction---which is the office Keith claims to hold by these dubious means.

Note the difference: Postmaster General versus United States Post Master.

It is not possible to “buy” an actual sovereign government or any office of a sovereign government.  You can buy a brand name, a title, a trademark, a copyright, a business name, or any other corporate fiction asset you please, and abuse them as you will, but when what is true comes, what is false must pass away.  

It is the same way with all these entities claiming to be the “United States Treasury” and “US Treasury Department” or in this case, “office of the US Treasury”---- all similar names deceits and hokum. We haven’t had an actual Treasury in this country since 1924.  To the extent that any such organization exists today, it is known as the International Monetary Fund.

Yes, children, this means that when you get mail addressed from “US Treasury Department” or “Department of the Treasury” or any such nonsense, you are being scammed by international bill collection agencies acting under color of law and semantic deceit.  There is no such entity associated with our lawful government and not even any such agency associated with the governmental services corporations that have been active here since the 1930’s.

Remember this and remember it well and remember it always: the government of this country is fully vested in its people, not in any corporation.

And, therefore, our lawful government is also not vested in any office created by any corporation, including “President”, “office of the President”, “Office of the President”, “President of the United States”,  “President of the United States of America”, “PRESIDENT” and so on and on.

The currency being announced by this foreign (we presume Costa Rican) corporation calling itself “The United States of America” is just more fiat drivel --- “legal tender” being launched on the basis of false claims against property that does not belong to “The United States of America” but instead belongs entirely to the people of this country and to their lawful states and their lawful association of states known as the “united States of America” and later, “Confederate States of America”.

Let’s be perfectly clear about this--- we are not being “represented” by any incorporated entity merely  calling itself “The United States of America” or “United States” or anything of the sort.  We are presenting ourselves and our organized government in proper person now, without any pretense of such “representation”.

When you are present to conduct your own business, you have no need for an agent or representative.
So all these organizations running around committing all this fraud “in our names” and claiming to “represent” us----don’t.  Likewise all their claims to have the authority to issue currency in our names or to have title or control of our resources so as to hypothecate debt against us, our labor, our land or anything else--- is pure hokum that we disallow.

Our nations --- all fifty of them – founded on the precepts and propositions of freedom, not “liberty”, are still here, still perfectly competent and enabled to function without the hired help.  We are also enabled to designate the service provider(s) and Successors to Contract ---- which we have done pending the assembly of a lawfully empowered and constituted Continental Congress of the states.
For all those worldwide who need to know it, new Sovereign Letters Patent were issued last year, along with a new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty, which provides for the Native American Nations to hold the federal side of the constitutional contract until such time as a national educational campaign and plebiscite can be conducted and a properly composed Continental Congress convened.
That’s where things actually stand and who we really are---- people and states belonging to and operated by the people of this country, not a bunch of unidentified service organizations and foreign commercial corporations running around claiming to “represent” us.

Crock Number Two

To my utter, complete amazement, Ms. Karen Hudes has outdone herself in her efforts to misconstrue, mischaracterize, and discredit me---- in the face of literally reams of contradictory evidence and just plain facts.  This week I find out (via Karen Hudes) that I have been acting in collusion with General Joseph F. Dunford and the so-called New Republic and that I have been trying to steal the gold on deposit with Ms. Hudes’ so-called “Global Debt Facility” to assist the same.
It reminds me of the day that I finally deciphered the IRS Masterfile of “ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER” and found out that “I”  had been running a rum distillery in Barbados, without ever having stepped foot on the island.

This “news” about me --- or rather, my pen name, Anna von Reitz--- colluding with General Dunford and the New Republic organization is even a bit more stunning, in that I have led the charge in exposing the “New Republic” as a French Rothschild organization and anyone reading the articles about this on my website can see that from Day One, I have called this organization “Le Neu Republique” and thoroughly rebuffed its attempts to associate itself with our lawful Old Republic.
I have clearly understood that The New Republic is just another governmental services organization backed by foreign investors, asserting a bid to be the Successor to Contract to provide the nineteen enumerated services stipulated by the original equity contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America.

We have in fact repeatedly and in public told Mr. Rothschild---- thanks, but no thanks.  Any services received are purely on a month to month basis pending action by a lawfully seated Constitutional Congress empowered to sort out this mess. No assumption of contract has been granted.

For this, the people of this country owe me and those associated with me a debt of gratitude, for by making this point clear to the United Nations and other political and judicial organizations worldwide, we have also make it clear that the people of our fifty nation states are alive and well and making the effort to conduct our own business----and that we have not just accepted The New Republic or any other such organization as a Successor to Contract.

If the “New Republic” or “The United States of America” referenced above or any of these other wannabe organizations –were able to pull off an unopposed bid to act as Successor to Contract, we would all be promptly subjugated to the “service” of those organizations and whatever “service” they wanted to provide, however they wanted to provide it, and at whatever cost.

It would be like escaping the Wicked Witch of the West just to land in the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the East----jumping from the frying pan onto the hot griddle prepared for us.

It is largely thanks to me and those who stand with me, that that maneuver has been short-circuited internationally---- read that----not only have I not colluded with Le Neu Republique, I have prevented it from seizing upon the constitutional contract and presuming upon it and assuming it without action by a properly formed and empowered Continental Congress.

To understand the importance of this public service by myself and our team, you must understand the commercial operation of implied contracts versus actual contracts--- when you go into a restaurant, order a meal, and eat it--- you have established an implied contract to pay for the food and for the service of preparing, delivering, and cleaning up after the meal.

It is the same with government services corporations.  When you accept police services, social services, military defense services, etc., you establish an implied contract and obligation to pay for those services.  If you leave this implied contract open-ended, which is what happened with the UNITED STATES (INC.) as a result of non-disclosure, the servicing organization is free to assume whatever it wishes about the contract.

That leaves you, the recipient of these “services”, at the mercy of the servicer.

To use the restaurant analogy again--- imagine that you walk into a restaurant and order a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich.  Your expectation is, or should be, obvious---- but instead, for self-serving reasons, the restaurant owner interprets your order very differently.  He goes out and has a goldsmith create a BLT made out of solid gold, and has it delivered to your table via a parade of two hundred hired and costumed waitresses---- and presents you with the bill for all this.  When you object to this absurdity, he calls the police (also hired by him as part of the contract) and complains that you ordered this service and now refuse to pay for it.  The police arrest you, beat you up, throw you in jail and then charge you for this “service” also.

That is what has been going on in this country since 1946, and what my actions and the actions of our team have forestalled from happening again.

Contrary to Ms. Hudes and her endless disinformation twaddle, the evidence on my website and my published correspondence with the United Nations and the International Court of Claims and the Office of the Prosecutor at the Hague and Jacob Rothschild tell a very different and unequivocal tale.
We defined and limited the implied contract, which was necessary, and we accepted the services of Le Neu Republique on that strictly limited and temporary basis until a properly seated and fully informed Continental Congress can be convened to settle these issues.

That was also necessary: our military services contract had to be funded or we would all now be speaking other languages than English.

Thank General Dunford for finding the funding.  Thank Mr. Rothschild for taking a gamble--- which he graciously lost.  And thank us --- me and my team --- for sorting out the laundry and properly limiting the implied contract.

As for Ms. Hudes and her claim that either I or General Dunford are trying to “steal” anything, she is a complete and utter liar.  What has been done is a clean and honest claim to receive back property belonging to the people of this country.

Ms. Hudes and her employers at the World Bank and the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development know that a good chunk of the gold on deposit at the Global Debt Facility --- approximately $387 billion --- was illegally confiscated from the American people.  They also know that they obtained that gold by making a false claim of abandonment.

They don’t really care about the gold anymore, as much as the second part--- the false claim of abandonment by the rightful heirs--- us, the people of this country.

They don’t want to be charged with fraud and have their organizations liquidated for cause.
So all these attempts Ms. Hudes has made to give away our gold to Third Parties and all her attempts to negotiate a settlement granting immunity to her employers for this obvious wrong-doing come down to the same thing----crooks trying to wash their hands.

Let’s review the facts one more time:

FDR illegally confiscated privately held American gold under the false pretense that it was being collected from government employees and Puerto Ricans and Samoans and others that legitimately live under federal territorial jurisdiction, when in fact it was being robbed from the American people---- people that FDR and his organization were under contract and oath to protect.
That confiscated gold was used to secure the ongoing operational expenses of the United States of America, Inc. during bankruptcy reorganization.  When the bankruptcy finally settled in 1999, the gold was released, but conveniently, nobody told us.

Instead, the World Bank and IBRD, two of the Secondary Creditors---came forward and made the specious claim that the gold had been abandoned by unknown donors and unknown heirs.
The fact that they actually knew who the gold belonged to and knew that we weren’t told about the settlement or even the bankruptcy was studiously avoided. That is how the World Bank and IBRD came to be in possession of $387 billion worth of gold that belonged to our grandparents and parents and which by all the laws of inheritance now belongs to us.

When they realized that we knew the facts and that we were on their tail to reclaim our assets, they created the “Global Debt Facility” as a dropbox----- the equivalent of a dumpster, where they could transfer all the assets that they had illegally acquired, thus separating themselves from direct association with the crimes and deliberate acts of fraud that resulted in their acquisition of the gold in the first place.

Do you all see how this works?

World Bank and IBRD were caught with their paws all over stolen gold assets, so they created the Global Debt Facility that Ms. Hudes represents.  They dumped the stolen gold from America and other illegal acquisitions from around the world into the Global Debt Facility-----and left it to Ms. Hudes to explain where it all came from.

It reminds me of the t-shirt that says, “Remember--- if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.”

The World Bank/IBRD are attempting to shrug and say, “What gold?  Oh, that gold?  We don’t have it anymore.  We “donated” it to the Global Debt Facility in a grand philanthropic gesture as a gift to the people of the world.”

And then Ms. Hudes says, “Yes, the Global Debt Facility has been gifted with all this gold for the good of humanity.”

And in this way they attempt--- unsuccessfully---to avoid the entire issue of where the gold came from, how World Bank/IBRD acquired it, and who it actually belongs to.

It is all nothing but a giant hand-washing and money laundering scheme by guilty parties--- guilty banks that knew better and just thought they could get away with it, without the American people waking up and noticing.

We noticed.

If General Dunford made a claim to receive back the gold from the Global Debt Facility in “the name of” the American People, he would be well-within his duty and his rights.  The Lieber Code placed responsibility for our money (and gold is actual money) squarely on the shoulders of the U.S. Army.  Not the President.  Not the Congress.

And the Lieber Code, like the Reconstruction Acts leftover from the Civil War ---is still in effect.
That means that with respect to federal obligations owed to the American people, General Dunford is in fact “the” man responsible for going around the world collecting back our assets for us and neither Ms. Hudes nor the World Bank Board of Governors nor anyone else has any cause to object or complain, so long as he is doing his duty.

If he were to receive back our gold and use it for any improper purpose or fail to return it and the benefit of it to the American people it belongs to, he would be subject to hanging---which he knows.
Given that, I will put my faith in General Dunford being highly motivated to do the right thing and in Karen Hudes making specious claims and excuses for her continuing failure to fork over our property to the man properly appointed to receive it in our behalf.

The simple transfer of the assets back to the people it belongs to, is not acceptable to Ms. Hudes unless the transaction also guarantees that she and her bosses will have immunity from prosecution-----and that is something that General Dunford is not able to guarantee.  He is a Fiduciary Deputy, not a Settlement Agent.

Ms. Hudes and her bosses have been casting around for someone to forgive them and guarantee their immunity from prosecution under international law in the name of the American people---- someone they can cut a deal with, but who?

Who told General Dunford to get off his duff and go collect our assets?
We did.

If Ms. Hudes would use all her logic circuits, she should arrange the transfer of assets via General Dunford to the American States and Nations Bank and thereby acquit herself and her employers of the duty owed. Simply give back what is legitimately owed to the American people, plus reasonable interest accrued, and let us, the American people, worry about what to do with it.

Having received back our assets plus fair interest we have nothing to complain about and no interest in perpetuating any nastiness or violence.  We know what went on.  We won’t trust the World Bank or IBRD any farther than we could throw a full grown ox, but so long as our assets are returned there is no point in prosecuting people for the sins of their great-grandfathers.

On that point, Ms. Hudes and I have always agreed, so it is a continuing mystery to me why she has thus far failed to raise a flag of truce and talk to me.  The American States and Nations Bank is in position to act as a Settlement Agent and to do what General Dunford cannot.

Once our assets are returned, they will be available to sort out this mess and get America back on track.  Everyone will have their free choice of political status.  The land jurisdiction government will be restored.  A Continental Congress will be properly seated as a Body Politic of Fiduciary Deputies elected to represent the living people and actual states.  The Civil War will end.  General Dunford can get back to being a soldier.  I can get back to being a Great-Grandma.  And the Board of Governors of the World Bank can sleep at night without fear of prison terms.

It’s all simple enough so long as people know their history, know who they are, know the capacity they are acting in, and do their part.  General Dunford is attempting to do his.  And I have certainly attempted to do mine.  Now, if only Ms. Hudes would stop running her mouth willy-nilly long enough to take in the facts, we could finally settle this much of The Mess and get America moving under its own steam again.

Te Deum.
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Received via email from Freewill

I find it very interesting that the money is actually from Keith Edward Livingway and the General Post Office. I know as I was involved with that group. Their website with the Continental Dollar here: http://nationalgreatregistry.generalpostoffice.international/index.php?title=Office_of_the_Treasury_for_The_United_States_of_America#The_legal_tender_of_the_Government_of_The_United_States_of_America

Article 1 section 10 clause 8 of the US Constitution shows that nothing but gold and silver may be coined by the states as a lawful tender.

An interesting sidenote.. With using a search I found many manipulations of this coinage act changed in various publications on the net. The U.S. Corporation is attempting to hide the original text.

Does anyone know what that means? That means national level printed paper is not allowed by law. This is a law the people put forward through their states within the original organic contract for the purpose of not allowing a central bank.

 Those paper Continental Dollar notes are no different than Federal Reserve Notes and can have manipulated value the same. They are a product of a central bank. Our money must be coined by the states in equal weights and measures as described in the Constitution. If the people want the money of the republic, the answer is simple. The people must have their DeJure states coin it!

CORPORATION STATE OF ______  uses the internal corporation central bank notes whick are not the people's money. For the people to coin money involves the DeJure county and state assemblies of the people to accomplish this task.

Anything outside of this is a fraud against the people. Period!


Source Link: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2016/11/about-fraud-of-new-continental-dollar.html