Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dr Steven Greer Audio Update - The Final Act! - 19th November 2016

Thanks to Star Tsar for sharing.....

The Carol Rosin Show

Dr Steven Greer - The Final Act!

Published 19th November 2016

Dr Greer joins Dr Rosin to give us an update on these topics : Faked alien threat! faked stories of alien abductions, faked mutilations, staged & scripted fear producing alien & space events, Electronic war technology that will impact consciousness/thinking/beliefs, unacknowledged special access programs: names named, Psychotronics that target individuals that produced scripted experiences, New military whistleblower confirms fake alien invasion coming, how to disern between faked alien events and factual truth, How to prepare & create universal peace. And his forthcoming documentary entitled Unacknowledged. Plus more....