Friday, November 25, 2016

GCR/RV/GESARA/Republic Update - November 25, 2016

Received via email.....


GCR/RV/GESARA/Republic Update
November 25, 2016


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― R. Buckminster Fuller


​Aloha CC,


Let me begin with some intel clarification of how and why you are receiving all information.  Know that you are given the same information/intel I receive, much of which is raw and immediately non-confirmable, thus slightly inaccurate when first presented or ultimately dead wrong, yet all of it contains a percentage of truth be it 30%, 60% or 100% at the time it is given. 

Nothing said in any update is "bible" per se, as events change, and some intel is either is proven to be psy-ops (by our own White Hats and benevolent banks) or just incorrectly interpreted by us the intel providing community--a volunteer group I might add with no staff or resources to help assess the true cutting edge of GESARA/GCR/RV. 

Either way, I share it, and have for 9 months to my own reputation and detriment.  As many intel providers have turned away from me because I do share everything, and/or those who speak to others in my circles have asked to keep intel away from Yosef because he shares too much.  Ironically, more have come forward… yet most of those are psy-ops agents on both sides of the coin, all with an agenda. 

Know that I offer most everything I ever get I feel is truthful, along with my own master puzzler interpretation, because I fundamentally believe, as does Fisher, as does Tank, as does Dr. WC, transparency is the fundamental right of humanity.  Not just those who are closest to the decision makers.

Now this intel may not always be timely (most of it is delayed for a period of time to keep those operating in certain theaters safe from harm), and some military stuff I never share because it would scare the shit of grandmothers in Peoria, but on the whole you get what we get, and on a relatively real time basis.​  We're the only intel source that offers that service, free of charge I might add, without asking anything in return.

As for the haters or trolls out there, they shall exist now and well into the future.  So let them.  If you for some reason feel the need to beat down liars, then that is your life choice and we honor that.  Just know there are several paid cabal disinformation operatives working the beat in the currency community to throw us off the scent of truth--such was the case with D.C. on the old TNT calls; he works as a employee of Halliburton and Dick Cheney hence D.C. (Winston is his real name and he is the nephew of Lynn Cheney).  D.C. was put in place to keep up Dinar sales because the Cheney's were profiting from illegal IQD sales in this country.  Once his cover was discovered, the was forced to leave.  As was Tony.  As were many.  As many more will be jailed soon as well post RV. 

Justice has a way of handling it's own business.


What you feel are delays, are not.  Rather, they are intentional stops made to irritate and agitate the cabal forces pushing against the release of humanity's wealth.  Things that are reported actually happen, then they stop, then they restart, and we all inch along the GCR/RV road at a controlled, and known pace.  Payouts of across all tiers has long begun, and continues even in this moment, yet at a snail's pace versus that of a roaring freight train. 

This tactical decision is hard on the individual out there with currency because many now rely on the RV to solve both their short-term and long-term dreams, desires and required living expenses.  That decision, however, was and is your choice that have yield bad results; because when the creators of the master plan devised a fail/safe roll out strategy they intentionally spanned it over many years, thus extending the process deliberately; thus never being compromised by a few extra years, months, weeks or days which might alter their overall roll out methodology--even if it is causes temporary pain and suffer to individuals who became aware of their replacing the financial system--of which you are miraculously one.   

Know their tactical stop and start approach has long been a proven successful military strategy, as the master planners also advise the Chinese Dragon Elders (responsible for humanity's financial transition) the best approach is to continuously wear down their opponents like water running over and eroding a mountain, as only with time, misdirection, patience, self induced pauses, intentional false scheduling will they achieve the required level of mental fatigue, thus creating the end result of peaceful, invisible and absolute victory. 

Thus, the master plan has long been to keep the GCR/RV unseen to the general public, and going on as along as possible, so that the cabal / enemy will reveal all their attack plans and positions out of sheer economic and emotional desperation.  This strategy guarantees careless mistakes, which allows the forces of good to gain every advantage pre-RV, and ultimately eliminate all threats during and post- RV, thus ensuring the safety of the new systems of finance, government, politics and military that GESARA requires.

All of these "delays" and false intel to good intentional providers, ultimately keeps the general population safe from harm even though it annoys the crap out of those paying close attention--and may even cause some to perish during the execution of the process.  They have accepted some collateral damage from good intentioned souls to achieve their end goal of restoring humanity's promise, and ultimately ensuring our ascension. 

So in truth, waiting is actually in all of our best interests, both physically in terms of personal safety when exchanging, and financially, as clearly the sovereign rates continue to soar for all the currencies, and our financial system will be protected both short and long. 

Thus, perhaps it's now wise maybe to re-interpret your relationship to the RV, as "being made to wait" is actually a good thing, plus it's allows for additional preparation time for what the heck to do with all this volume of money headed your way. 

Do not allow the public start of the RV to determine the quality of your everyday life lead up to the blessing.  Nor allow these 800#'s to stoke future flames of anger about some malevolent lack of performance.  All of that hate is an illusion or echo of something that simply is non-existent… thus making such emotions inefficient as well as physically unhealthy.

Instead, be ever grateful we are as a community of currency holders (chosen ones if you hold ZIM) to receive this amazing gift on behalf of the entire planet just for being alert and patient.   So much so, no zeros will be coming off any ZIM note--as every ZIM bond/currency will be redeemed at its printed face value and you can asked for any redemption amount you and the bank agree that you can handle. 

The sovereign rates will be made available for at least 6 days (ZIM only) and maybe 10 days for all other currencies in banks not named Wells Fargo.  But to demand that the master planner's final release timing be agreeable to your life's micro situations is inaccurate at best; as macro performance decisions are made for the greatest good of all, not some, and is at the sole discretion of the gift givers, not the gift receivers. 

Best to let go, and let God… and trust it will come in… so you can move on and enjoy your life.


Many have read my posts over the last 9 months and either been excited by or repulsed from the constant spiritual pleadings of surrender and/or mention of the name Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus Christ).  Some see this unprecedented financial event as biblical in origin (transitional) or just a mechanical process that ends in 800#s (transactional).  I've been clear from the start I understand this event as transitional with a brief transactional element, yet both elements are based in a spiritual era reality.

The love that was and is Yeshua (Christ) is in IMHO the only explanation to share what's in my heart about the coming blessings heading our way as a species and planet.  Sadly, I fail more often than I succeed at sharing this heavenly understanding at a grass roots level or frequency.  Please accept my sincere apology for being an inadequate communicator.  I simply lack the words, lack the talent, lack the understanding of how to communicate the love of God (as man Christ) who so loves His children to now give us 69 zeros to play with at some point this "holiday season." 

If I ever find myself angry, disappointed, disillusioned, dis-anything at this late juncture of the GCR/RV, know that the conclusion Yosef draws is that I have yet to connect to the pure love God the Father has for me and all humanity;  thus, I consistently try and quiet my mind, block out all noise, and ask to be reconnected with God's heart for my life.  Only then do I ever gain new insight into my dis-ease and move forward spiritually into a better place of peace and contentment.

I recommend this spiritual sequence or pathway for all who are struggling still as we collectively prepare to receive such a once unthinkably benevolent blessing.

The Big Picture

It hurts me to see many still struggling with NDAs, or structured payouts, or ZIM face values, or the sovereign rate opportunity… but these are life altering concepts, which I know are hard to grasp at first even though intellectually I know all of you are capable of understanding.  Hey, it was hard for me to accept, I've just had more time to process their reality. 

Know that when I share my understanding of things, I accept that it probably initially comes off Chinese Arithmetic to most.  Again, my sincerest apologies.  I struggle to share how I understand "the big picture" at a grass roots level sometimes.  Please be patient with me.  I'm trying.

Example: At Thanksgiving dinner last night, an older cousin asked my what I'm doing for a living now… I told them I'm just trying to save the world by educating people the world one blog post at a time.  They thought I was an idiot and politely walked away.  Still I told the truth. 

The same question was later asked of me by a college aged cousin later, I gave him the same answer.  He was completely intrigued and we talked for an hour--he even took notes about the political changes upcoming, the history of the global collateral accounts and the gold standard eventually being returned soon by a newly restored Republic Congress. 

Yes, I even threw in that Paul Ryan had been President since October 29, 2015 and would actually be passing Presidential power to himself on January 20, 2017, after the House of Representatives voted him President because Donald Trump would not receive 270 electoral votes per the Constitutional requirements for electing an American President.  This intel nearly melted the poor kid's mind, but he didn't dismiss it all together either… bless his heart.

The point is… young minds are still open to new concepts, where as some of us that have seen more winters are more set in our beliefs and thus struggle with new concepts--especially concepts that are completely counter to what we have personally experienced in "real life". 

Yet I find an truly honest soul is also an open soul, and reconciles illusion into truth given enough time.  Ultimately, this college aged cousin will begin asking the hard questions and will finally begin to accept the even more difficult "big picture" answers that they've been lied to, and worse, they fell for it.   The older cousin will continue his life as is, and thus remain asleep in the illusion that has been presented to him for over sixty-seven plus years.  It's easier.  It's more comfortable.  It's known to him. 

So if you're still having issues with some of my intel, I encourage all to maybe take a step back, take in all intel / information as raw data, and just wait to judge any item until you have had the chance to study both sides of the matter.  Accept nothing as completely true, nor as completely false, just as new information that needs to be better evaluated before you place a firm understanding on it.

I say this because I know that most of you have emotional ties to past events, and many have lived through or fought in wars and voted in political elections, yet few know that all of those events have not been what they appeared to be.  Only through careful and critical study can you see through the illusions of the JFK & MLK assassinations, 9/11, Nixon & Clinton Impeachments, wars such as Iraq/Afghanistan/Vietnam/Korea/WW2/WW1, legal motions such as Magna Carta/US Constitution/Bill of Rights/Act of 1871/Slavery Abolition/Patriot Act/Obamacare; false flag events such as the Boston Marathon Bombings, Columbine & Sandy Hook school shootings, Tea Party, Feminist & Occupy Wall Street Movements… basically all modern history going back a few thousand years.  It's all been fabricated in a coordinated effort and manner, by a single bloodline family known only to them (the cabal), in order to control your mind and thus position your bodies where they wanted you without any power, assets or desire to fight back.

Nearly everyone reading this has been their slave and doesn't yet know or accept this truth… until right now. 


Now such a review of all major human historical events requires a ton of time, but more importantly, brand new eyes and and a wide open heart which few to none will engage.  I understand that nobody wants to be made a fool, and nobody wants their entirely life to be but a pawn move in someone else's geo-psychotic chess game.  But like it, don't like, shoot the messenger or praise him… that's your truth folks… same as mine… and with our new sudden wealth upcoming, we will have the responsibility of helping our fellow brothers and sisters understand our enslavement in order to overcome it and permanently correct it for future generations. 

Initially, the truth of humanity's enslavement is a frightening awakening, but over time it gets easier, yet expect some emotional pain to come along with this kind of consciousness, as it demands some initial isolation due to re-studying and questioning all historical events.  That's a difficult conversation for anyone still asleep to have by default--that includes people close to you, even family members who have loved you for decades will initially reject your new awareness--as most to all prefer the live in the lie, avoiding the harsh facts of bold truths.

And even if you encourage them to no longer be a prisoner in this bizarre slavery-through-false-freedom-mind-fuck that we've all been born into, most to all will prefer exist as a docile member of society, and even fight you (kill you in some cases) to ensure that the old way of life lives on.  Sadly, the old way of life is already dead, thus their way of life cant live on per heavenly decree.  And those who do not adapt, and quickly, will perish by vibrational reality of existing in a physical dimension.  Sobeit.

Again, I'm just a humble slave who can see his chains, but as a devout truth seeker, I choose to no longer to wear my chains and instead declare my heart, mind and soul sovereign and authentically human as God, not man or an alien race here to mine my life's fruit, has created modern culture and intended for us all to follow without a fight. 

I encourage reading this to join the movement of truth no matter the cost personally, and consider this your formal invitation to join humanity as God intended, as well as the opportunity to help restore our species and planet back to His loving frequency just as Yeshua once did when He walked the earth.    

The choice is of course yours per laws governing universal free will.  Just know you are loved enough to have been given such an invitation from the divine heart of Yeshua Ben Yosef--God in the flesh--known to most as Jesus Christ of Nazarene from Galilee, who existed as both God and Man simultaneously to save and redeem the soul of the world.

God is with us.