Saturday, November 19, 2016

George Kavassilas Live Webinar Today - November 19, 2016

 Pressing Matters

GeorgeThe time has come for us all to address a real and disconcerting topic of utmost importance.

What I am to share is NOT a fantasy, NOR is it a conspiracy theory.

This is not about fear mongering.  This is a sharing from a direct experience and is about awareness and empowerment.

This experience illustrates what is happening all around us.

I have been warning of this technology for several years now.

I feel strongly compelled to share this recent experience with you as it affects all of us, without exception. In my opinion, this needs to be one of the major issues front and centre in the freethinking community rather than the circus distraction of the US Election campaign and other associated drama vortexes.

I have previously spoken of the three layers of imposition and what has emerged is a clear and definite factional conflict between layer one, the current ruling power elite and layer two, the malevolent AI imposition.

The intention of this webinar is to help you realise the power you hold to deal with any of the approaching challenges facing Humanity and creatively change your life.

I was recently "Beamed" by technology that went beyond mind entrainment.

I have experienced many forms of technologies during my extensive inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial experiences.  But this was different … something new.

I have written two newsletters regarding this issue my investigation continues to deepen.

I have always shared from direct experience and the information I will share in this webinar is no different.

What you are about to hear and see exposes the way Malevolent AI intends to bisect us from our Mother Planet.

This is an insidious violation of our connection to our natural existence and our sovereignty.

We are approaching an auspicious and decisive point in our journey. There is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional imposition occurring that is focused and determined to subjugate our Humanity and our planet.