Sunday, November 6, 2016

GESARA/RV Updates - Novemeber 5th & 6th, 2016

"Life Event"GESARA UpdateSundayNovember 6, 2016
Having unlimited power or authority, not limited, having independent authority and the right to govern thyself.; a king or a queen of your own sovereign kingdom.
Aloha Beautiful Children of God,
The 2016 Daylight Saving Time schedule in the United States began at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 13 and ended at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 6.
This is a significant event because Daylight Savings is a man made reality with no basis rooted in God's universal will.  Just like war, poverty, homelessness, disease, hunger and religion.  It's all made up.  A shadow of reality, based in illusion, meant for control.
Not God.
With your RV now here, it's important to let all "false realities" go, so that humanity can rejoin the rest of its universal family which simply does not participate in such things.

What you are anticipating now and have been experiencing in small proportions for months and some years, is indeed an unprecedented human life event as all false man-made constructs are now collapsing simultaneously; so much so, the momentum alone is keeping humanity firmly planted on the Earth as Heaven ushers in not only your prize for being steadfast to God, the RV, but a thousand years of merciful light for you to play in and manifest.
Remember, as everything suddenly shifts from dark to light, no one but a chosen few will even notice such a seismic shift in consciousness.  
Notice how many struggle to love unconditionally daily just on these random blogs and websites--clinging to shadows that are but echoes of dark cabal lies revealed in the light of day.
So accept your new but ancient divine sovereignty birthright with grace, humility and great pride.  As this is your defining life event.  
And this really is happening in your life now.  
Because infinite abundance is your life's truth.
So rejoice!  For together we share the privilege of being so blessed, so highly favored by the most powerful and loving force imaginable in our shared universe!  
All because we kept our faith in Him, exactly as He had faith in us!  
Truly, a match made in Heaven manifested here now on Earth!  
God is with us.


"Solar Day" 
RV Update 
November 6, 2016


James 1:12 

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.


Aloha Faithful Servants of God,
Does the ground feels firm and solid beneath your feet?  Of course it does, yet the Earth is rotating or turning on its axis at unthinkable speeds every day.  Fortunately, gravity helps keep you firmly attached to the planet, and because of momentum, you don’t feel the movement--the same can be said about the RV.  
Do you feel it moving at light speed?  No?  Well it is.  Then how come no one we know can seem to feel it?
You might be surprised to know that any spot on the surface of the Earth is also moving at 1,675 km/h or 465 meters/second.  That’s 1,040 miles/hour.  Just think, for every second, were all moving almost half a kilometer through space, and yet no one feels it.  
Yet we are.  Safe.  Protected.  Calm.  And without worry.  
Nations have long ago redeemed their historic assets and defaulted central bank currencies, but how would anyone know when, where or for how much.  Sovereign families going back centuries have all redeemed already.  Reno has long been redeeming deposited SKRs for months as well as private currency holders for weeks.  Donald Trump even redeemed last night in Reno during a campaign stop.  
Did you know sovereign rates have been frozen for the next week?  Doubtful, as that's hard to know let alone feel as real or be tangibles meaningful. 
Yet, nothing happens in our daily lives?  So whatcha talkin' about, Willis?  Where are those big announcements and news reports introducing this grand new sudden wealth event flooding the scene?  Where are the first hand redemption stories coming from a friend or neighbor we have a connection to?  Seriously, how can any of this be really if I can't see, touch, taste or feel it?  
Faith.  That's how.  With it, you can wait forever.  Without it, you will grow anxious even contentious.  Which waiter are you?
Did you know the Earth's circumference at the equator is 40,075 km, and the length of time the Earth takes to complete one full turn on its axis is 23.93 hours or one calendar day.  Interesting that you have the faith everyday to trust that will happen.
How long have must you be made to wait for your financial world to fully rotate and come full circle?  How more deeply can you pray for the desired changes to occur across all aspects of your life that only infinite resources can provide?  
You read and hear all these amazingly positive and progressive updates, yet the magical 800#s are still not here... and thus you question the RV's reality?  Doubt then creeps into your heart and anxiety builds, even anger ensues against volunteer messengers giving you everything they got.  
Is that about what you are all feeling right now?  Do you have any faith left?  Ot is your faith growing ever stronger?  Which truth is yours?
Bet you didn't know there’s additional time required for the Sun to return to the same spot in the sky.  And since the Earth is always orbiting the Sun, we actually need an extra 4 minutes (0.07 hours) each day for the Sun to return to the same spot and complete one day.  Astronomers call this a solar day.
Well, you're smack dab at the end of the RV's solar day.  And were all waiting either patiently or impatiently for said RV to complete its one full turn around the Sun--so we may shine our light on our homes and family.  
Look, it's gonna happen, folks.  For Everyone.  Abundantly and beyond your wildest dreams.  Including ZIM redemptions with no zeros lopped off.  So nurture your faith.  Because progress is slow, but at least it's steady.  Conversions are occurring hourly and accelerating as this blessing is fastly approaching your personal reality.  
In the meantime, refine your knowing in God versus just praying to have your faith strengthened or extended.  Don't hope for a brighter day, be His sunshine for others while you wait for the RVs solar day to complete.
Life is temporary anyway, short-lived and transitional.  So enjoy these last impoverished moments.  Say good-bye to everything that served you or taught you valuable lessons.  Actually, it's a really good time to ask yourself some self-exit interview questions, such as:
What did I learn?  
What did I lose?  
What did I gain?
What did I shed?  
What did I acquire?
What died within me?  
What was born again?
As everything accumulated up to this moment equates to your personal experience of the RV.  All of the constant reaching for the unreachable, looking straight into the Sun and refusing to go blind, instead, demanding to see the eyes of God looking back at you and hearing "Welcome Home My Child... IAM so proud of kept the faith in me, as I have always kept it in you."
Just because you’re spinning around this RV like you're spinning around on the Earth, doesn't mean there’s any force strong enough to spin you off into space.  No, something stronger is pulling you ever deeper into this merciful benevolent vortex, and you've become totally absorbed by some divine love holding your constant attention.  Even demanding it.
Why is that?  What is that?  Who is that?  In a word describing this trinity of questions--God.  God is both the only explanation as to how and why any of us are here, let alone spinning at unfathomable speeds while on Earth; and also why were still here toiling away like loyal worker bees waiting for our Queen Rachael Victoria to pollenate our gold backed banking flowers.
Let us now finally surrender to God's process.  Let us trust in Him absolutely, now more than ever.  All the while, knowing that thousands upon thousands of people worldwide are hydrating at redemption centers hourly... and that we will get our turn coming through the front door, in His divine time, in His divine way.  
What an incredible test of faith.  Act of knowing.  Lesson in trust.  Endurance by spiritual suffering.  And all in one short solar day which feels like a freaking eternity.  This too shall pass. This too shall pass.  Sobeit.
Aloha Ke Akua
(God is Love)



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Operation Sunrise in Beijing begins @ 6:48am CST on November 6, 2016 (8)
which is also @ 6:48pm EDT on November 5, 2016 (7).

Consider yourself forewarned. 

God is with us.