Friday, November 11, 2016

Post-Election Wound Licking and Hopefully Some Humility

                         LOVE IN ACTION NOW

I am 50 years old.  I have been voting since I was 18.  Voting unconsciously for the lesser of two-evils for much of that time period.  That is until a part of my awakening prompted me to dig deep into the political arena and things like the New World Order and the Shadow Government.  It was during this time, around 2002/2003 that I stopped voting the two-party system.  And I have been receiving a verbal brow-beating ever since – primarily from my left-leaning folks.

No more.  Today I speak my Truth.  Today folks like you LISTEN.

I have watched election cycle after election cycle come and go while people continue to support the lesser of these two-evils and then, come another election time, are demanding the same damn changes they did 4 years prior, often scratching their heads in frustration wondering WHY nothing really ever changes.

Perhaps the problem doesn’t fully reside with these puppets who claim to work for us.  Which they don’t.  But that’s another topic.

Perhaps the real problem rests fully on the people.  On people like yourself.

The nation was so fired up just one year ago, rallying around this Bernie Sanders gentleman.  Progressive passion was quite beautiful to watch.  But then slowly over time the dark reared it’s ugly head.  The DNC establishment wanted Clinton and they stopped at nothing to make that happen.  They got their wish and the people were angry.  Rightfully angry. Some brave, courageous souls filed a lawsuit, which continues today.  Unfortunately, the rest of the Bernie supporters grew apathetic and frankly, damn lazy by failing to support the lawsuit, by failing to demand justice. Instead, they once again fell into the same ‘ole trap by opting to support Clinton, the lesser of two-evils.  (Or so they claim.  If they had done their research, they would quite easily find Clinton is by far the more evil.  Remember there is a difference between being an asshole and the devil.)

The results of this election are painful for many of you.  I feel for you.  I do.  Going out and about today, where my town overwhelmingly voted for Clinton, the depressive energy was palpable.  I had the urge to hug a few folks I spoke with.  This is by far worse than the Bush/Gore election in terms of how it has affected the voting populace.

However, there is always something to learn from such situations.  As I told one store clerk today, obviously deep in despair: “Perhaps it is time for us to recognize ourselves as Sovereign Individuals.  Perhaps it is time for us to realize we can Self-Govern ourselves.  Why do we put so much of our energy and hope into one person?  Perhaps we need to put that energy and hope onto ourselves, onto one another.  Who says we cannot still create the type of communities we want on our own?  You and I.  Working together. All of us.”

Self-governing.  Putting on our big boy and big girl panties and creating our own lives without D.C. politics.  Are we brave enough for it? Courageous enough?  And most importantly, are we willing enough?

I am.

Are you?

Addendum:  If you are really interested in expanding your social and political perspective, I invite you to check out the Ubuntu movement. What started out of South Africa is now a global movement and they are currently looking for people in all countries to continue the movement in communities and cities worldwide.  Their basic premise is that we do not need a political or banking elite to survive.  And their human philosophy is quite spiritual and beautiful.