Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Intel Update from White Hat Dark Hat Blog - November 22, 2016

Intel Update 11-22-16 "Implant Stations"


There are multiple Archonic factions that have access to very advanced implants. These implants influence have a lot of influence on certain cultures on the face of this planet. A lot of these implants are aimed at controlling the youth in order to create an arhonic generation.

The Draco Federation has access to a lot of implants. This alliance of genetically altered Dracos are not just 4d beings but have factions tha operate across many dimensions or frequencies of space.

There is a Merope dissidant faction that has access to high level implants that influence some of the more populated cultures on this planet. This faction uses these implants to control the youth. This faction has a lot disdain towards the females of their society and are prone to homosexuality. Merope is a star in the Pleiades. They have factions that are considered a part of the Pleiadian Federation.

The benevolent off-planet factions would like for the people to make a more concentrated effort to make some sort of contact with the sun or Sol star in order to flag problems that are on this planet. This area of space is under heavy scalar-wave attack which means that some of the benevolent factions cannot physically see the Earth due to the intrusions by Archonic factions. Delta missions are needed in order to flag problems.

There are a million physical shape-shifted Dracos that are in deep underground military bases that came to Earth during the Archon invasion of January 12, 1996. This faction has technology and may make their way to the surface of the planet.

All of the stars in our immediate vicinity are under Xanax and Scalar wave attack. Pay attention to the energy of the sun.

The Agartha Network is beginning the process of opening up their doors for the first time in modern human history,

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