Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#PizzaGate (Plus Current Events/Intel Compilation)

UPDATE: The Subreddit that contained a lot of research and information about #PizzaGate has been banned so some of the links in this article will go no where. Most of them will work but it appears that this is a win for the Cabal who are trying everything they can do to shut this down. We need to keep this momentum going. It’s only a matter of time before everyone knows and the people demand law enforcement to arrest these people.

Things are getting even more interesting lately as, what is being called, #PizzaGate is starting to take off. For those who are not yet privy to what it is first allow me to explain the meaning of the ending of the word ‘gate’ and where it originates. I like everyone to be on the same page when I write about something so allow me to explain it for others who may not know.

Before I go into that though I am going to be explaining how this scandal of all scandals is likely to be the catalyst that will finally trigger a mass awakening among the sleeping public. #PizzaGate is not part of the Cabal’s partial disclosure narrative. It will be their undoing because it involves the entire planet and the evidence is so clear, so undeniable and in our face there is no way it can be dismissed.

(Separate Note: There is another hashtag trending called #TwitterGate, this is the result of a Twitter user creating a program that finds Twitter accounts that are directly and solely sharing child pornography. I believe this is a good development but it was taking attention away from #PizzaGate so I ask that everyone focus on that because it is much bigger. The Cabal could be using TwitterGate to divert and distract from the bigger picture. Twitter has been known to cover for pedophiles and terrorists and not much came from these investigations except some deleted accounts.)

Now let’s begin where I left off in the beginning paragraph where we have a clear idea of what it means when we end a scandal name with ‘gate’. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

“Watergate was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s, following a break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. in 1972 and President Richard Nixon‘s administration‘s attempted cover-up of its involvement. When the conspiracy was discovered and investigated by the U.S. Congress, the Nixon administration’s resistance to its probes led to a constitutional crisis.[1]

The term Watergate has come to encompass an array of clandestine and often illegal activities undertaken by members of the Nixon administration. Those activities included such “dirty tricks” as bugging the offices of political opponents and people of whom Nixon or his officials were suspicious. Nixon and his close aides apparently ordered investigation of activist groups and political figures, using the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).”

The term #PizzaGate has been labeled as such because of the high level of scandal involved and its relation to the pedophile code word ‘pizza’ (this is a link to my article that goes into greater detail about these e-mails and code words), among others, being found throughout the Podesta/DNC/Hillary e-mails released by Wikileaks. It is being centered around a location in Washington D.C. called Comet Ping Pong where, on its owner James Alefantis A.K.A. Jimmy Comet’s Instagram, there are some very disturbing pictures of children in strange poses and babies photographed with money and some with references to pizza:

There are more disturbing pictures at this link. I’d like to add that many higher-up people visit Comet Ping Pong; Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and high-level politicians:

Here is another small summary of #PizzaGate:

“Comet Pizza is a pizza place owned by James Alefantis [JimmyComet on instagram], who is the former boyfriend of David Brock, the CEO of Correct The Record. It has been the venue for dozens of events for the Hillary campaign staff. John Podesta has had campaign fundraisers there for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. John’s brother and business partner Tony Podesta has his birthday party there every year.”

Now #PizzaGate has been trending on Twitter for the last week as of the time of this writing and it has exploded with attention. The Cabal is trying to do damage control by using it’s propaganda mouthpieces to discredit it:

Notice in the title that they used the term ‘fake news’. I believe the Cabal inevitably saw #PizzaGate coming and is now responsible for the recent movement to shut down ‘fake news’ websites, those of which of course are the alternative media with large viewership:

The Daily Sheeple Shut Down For Pizzagate Story, Twitter Blacklists Pedophile Exposer

Besta Pizza, which is located literally two restaurants away from Comet, has been put on blast for using a known pedophile symbol as its logo and has since changed it:

Besta Pizza, which in Portuguese means Beast Pizza, has used the ‘boy love’ symbol as their logo as per the unclassified FBI pedophile symbol manual. Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Klein. Here is some more information about him and his involvement in all of this:


We Know These People are Luciferians and They Use These Children in Ritualistic Sacrifices

There are a couple of maps that have a good amount of information on them that link these high-level politicians and government employees together:

This cannot be stopped as Roseanne Barr has just tweeted about #PizzaGate:
And also former cabinet member and alleged positive Alliance spokesperson Dr. Steve Pieczenik:
#PizzaGate is massive and involves a man named Arun Rao. Here is a brief description of his position at the Department of Justice:

“Assistance U.S. Attorney , D.O.J Supervisor of the Southern Division office for the D.O.J.’s District of Maryland”

His job description includes prosecuting people for the following crimes:

“…Like the Major Crimes Section in Baltimore, the Greenbelt office prosecutes a wide array of other federal offenses, including CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, bank robberies, immigration violations, and counterfeiting…”

In my own research I found various child advocacy and foster home companies that uses the FBI’s unclassified pedophile symbols:

EspeciallyForChildren.Com (Note: The Children on the Home Page are Playing with Toy Pizzas)
When I did more research into ChildServ I found that the CEO Dan Kotowski was the Illinois State Senator from the 18th District, he served January 2007 – October 2015.

He has his name on some bills involving child trafficking. Now does this implicate him in anything? Maybe, maybe not. But Arun Rao has had his hands on some bills involving child pornography and he has been linked to Jimmy Comet who we know is a pedophile. There are a lot of moving parts here and I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan is involved…

Here is a company that someone on Facebook discovered who uses the pedophile ‘girl lover’ heart symbol:


Here is Their Wikipedia Page (This Company is Huge and has Branches Throughout Europe but Uses the Same Symbol for Each Country)

Here is a disturbing video of an evening show at Comet Ping Pong, some of the dialogue is very horrific so just be aware before you play it:

Here’s another one with much more information than I go into here in this article:

We heard from secret space program whistle-blower Corey Goode that there would be a big event that would be used to awaken the public, he wasn’t sure what it was but I think we can now discern through looking at all the evidence and Cabal activity that this #PizzaGate event will be it. The evidence is so blatant and in our faces that we cannot deny what is going on.

By the way i’d like to add that I have no political bias or interest as I write these articles. I seek the truth regardless of someone’s political background or party choice. I am not pro-Trump as many people who have been writing about this are and definitely not pro-Hillary as she and her whole family need to be locked away in a prison cell and if necessary transported to the Galactic Central Sun.

David Wilcock recently left a comment on Benjamin Fulford’s latest intel post with the following:
“Excellent report. The civilian journalists investigating “Pizzagate” are building a case so rapidly that we are having to watch YouTube videos on a daily basis to keep up with the speed of their research.

The only major blind spot for the people making these videos is they do not realize that there is an Alliance driving these Wikileaks releases, and thus it is not only “up to us” to do something about this.

That being said, the grassroots efforts are very helpful. The revelations are sickening and certainly add a lot more depth to the filmed testimonies of Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor, which will hopefully start showing up in all of these videos as people realize who the long-term whistle-blowers on this subject with the greatest credibility are.

Another seriously important point is that John Podesta is the character whose leaked emails have broken the whole thing. He has always been the most visible proponent of UFO-related disclosure in the government…”

There has been a lot of activity recently in Antarctica and New Zealand, a couple of escape routes for the Cabal as Cobra had mentioned in his blog updates:

The other escape route to Antarctica goes through New Zealand and this is why the Cabal is buying real estate there fanatically…”

This is per a Facebook update from Corey Goode:

“It appears that they now expect to have to flee from prosecution in the near future. There has been quite a lot of newer activity in Antarctica and South America in recent weeks that I am certain has ties into Sec Kerry’s upcoming trip to Antarctica. CG

On November 14th there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand. What was strange about this earthquake was reports of lights in the sky “during the peak of the shaking”:

This was also followed by another earthquake in NZ just today 11/22/2016. There has been no reports of lights in the sky as of yet but I think we can assume there is a lot of stuff going on in that area.

This comes right after Japan suffered a 7.4 earthquake earlier in the day. The tsunami warning has been cancelled and fortunately there was no significant damage or casualties. My first thought was that the Cabal had somehow gotten away with using their etheric H.A.A.R.P. technology to generate this EQ and use it as a distraction for the coming s*** storm that is #PizzaGate. It could have also been a base being destroyed or even Gaia releasing built up pressure as has been going on in greater numbers lately.

Either way we know these changes are necessary, positive and part of the whole ascension process for the Earth and humanity.

Another note i’d like to add is that there is nothing wrong with being an LGBT person and or doing drag. I have found that certain people lump these pedophiles in with the LGBT community and this is an incorrect assumption/concept. Most pedophiles are of heterosexual orientation but we are not labeling every straight person a pedophile. It is wrong to do that to the LGBT community. Now are there LGBT people that are pedophiles? No doubt, but not everyone is. I realize people will think what they want to think and that’s fine but I wanted to make this distinction clear as I was born gay and not a pedophile. We are all one in this Universe anyways, right? Peace and love is where its at!


I do have a couple of cool posts from the MSM to try to end this disturbing article on a positive note. One comes from Daily Mail with the following title:

“…according to a Columbia University astrophysicist…the expert argues that our universe may be driven by the reassembled intelligence of an alien civilization – one so advanced that it transcribed itself into the quantum realm, allowing life to ‘disappear into ordinary physics.

…So, an advanced form of life may seek a backup system to ensure its survival, spreading itself out across the quantum realm by storing its data in carriers that are distributed throughout the universe, like photons.”

And one from National Geographic titled:

“…Within the next ten years we’ll know whether the nearest Earth-like planets to us have got life on them. That has enormous implications for us as a species. Once we find life out there, you have to think that other intelligent life-forms and civilizations exist as well.”

BTW, if any readers have more information (i’m sure you do) about #PizzaGate that wasn’t mentioned here please comment below. I know I didn’t get to everything but I got to what I thought was the biggest and most significant developments of this story.

Thanks everyone, much love as always and stay tuned because the grand finale is beginning.