Saturday, November 12, 2016

Republic, RV/GCR, ZIM Rates - Mulitple Updates - November 11th & 12th, 2016

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"Prophecy" - RV Prediction - Friday - November 11, 2016

January 20, 2017

President-elect Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, per the GOP seated electoral college as required by the US Constitution, will be sworn in as the 45th President of he Unites States on the steps of the Capitol in Washington D.C..

Nothing will appear out of place, manufactured or delayed, as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's political careers will permanently come to an end, delighting the vast majority of Americans and worldwide TV audience.

Subtly, the Republic will be announced as restored... and life will continue on less any recording of this transitionary period as historic.



Republic Update


November 12, 2016

Aloha Community,

For the purpose of this post, please be open to experiencing life in complete opposites. 

White is black. 

Black is white. 

Good is bad. 

Bad is good. 

Seeing is believing. 

Believing is not seeing. 

Donald Trump is the Republic president. 

The Republic President is not Donald Trump.

"President Obama" is the evil we fight.  "President Obama" fights evil.

Hillary Clinton always wanted to be president.

Hillary Clinton was never going to be president.

The electoral college was not in the original constitution.

The constitution now includes an electoral college.

Zimbabwe is the poorest country on earth.

Zimbabwe is the richest country on earth.

The mass media historically speaks in lies.

The mass media now speaks in truth.

Here's the point... everything you have ever witnessed structurally or man-made, in your lifetime, was presented in the exact opposite form of its authentic truth. 

This was achieved by cabal family design to control your mind at a subconscious level through a well coordinated network of media, banking, finance, politics, military, education, food supply, pharmaceutical and religious control strategies.

We were all born into this control matrix.  No one is to blame.  Yet we are all individually responsible to participate in humanity's collective awakening.

What you are bearing witness to and participating in now, is the benevolent removal of all such subconscious control mechanisms, thus making "lies" suddenly appear truthful, and once sacred truths suddenly appear as out right lies. 

An organic "presidential election" is just one fantasy appearing as truthful, but soon to be revealed as a lie.

Know Donald Trump's family was part of a larger cabal family going back centuries, and he was made to run for President in order to gain his family's amnesty from future prosecution.

He did it run by choice, nor win by choice, and he will not step down by choice before the electoral college votes on December 19, 2016.

The Clinton's were in the same boat. So were the Bush's.  As well as Harry Reid, John McCain and everyone who's ever held a high public office.  They're all playing a transitionary role to gain their amnesty for prosecution.

Turns out many to most of our heroes were actually occult villains, as many of our worst villains were actually acting heroically, and thus artificially condemned because they were revealing too much "cabal truth."

This is why nothing is making logical sense anymore--including Trump's presidency.  That planned and accomplished to help transition humanity into a deeper truth about the grand lie of living under a righteous democratic system.

Expect to go through an uncomfortable period of emotional transition which thankfully will include and wonderfully abundant transaction starting this weekend.  The RV has to happen before the holiday buying season in order to stimulate to the global economy--it's part of the master transition plan.

Just know that your soul is loved beyond understanding, heavenly protected and divinely sacred.  And as a sovereign human being, you are infinitely valuable and thus it is your human birthright to determine your own value--whatever that may be.

And the constant promotion of sovereign rates on this website was done simply to elevate your consciousness versus some shallow attempt so make you bizarrely wealthy.  In the future you'll come to understand that higher consciousness was always the real goal of the monetary reset.

Also, the constant reminders to surrender to God's Will was done to reconnect you to your soul's covenant, quickly, thus allowing your mind and body to have an easier time recalibrating, unifying and realigning with organic Creator intent. 

Yeshua Ben Yosef (Son of Jospeh) was the original Creator's pure intent for all mankind in flesh.  An example of what was possible for the human species.  That's why He could legitimately claim He was God because vibrationally He was God's truth--ultimately made to appear as a lie during His lifetime and after His death. 

Hence the term anti-Christ.  Making all cabal loyal families a single anti-Christ organization--including the Vatican.  That's a tough one for many devours Catholics to accept.  The position of He Pope was actually the hidden spiritual leader of the global anti-Christ movement--made to appear benevolent. 

Sad but true.  Research it yourself. 

Look, this is both very complicated stuff, yet extremely basic if you understand everything structurally or man-made is in complete opposite to the true Will of God.  This is what is changing now.  And fast. 

So no more drama required.  No more opposites to sort through.  No more lies to convert into  truths.  Just freedom and joy like humanity has never known yet always prophetically promised per the sheer existence of Immanuel--God with us. 

Nothing more, nothing less.  Sobeit.

Aloha Ke Akua

(God is Love)


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