Tuesday, November 29, 2016

RV/GCR Update - November 29, 2016

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RV Update
November 29, 2016


"The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it."

-- Arnold H. Glasow


Aloha CC,

At this hour, the NPTB are scrambling to get started globally, officially and publicly. 

The plan is still to bring all redeemers through the front door, quietly and over an elongated period of time. 

No more jamming everyone through in 6-10 days through a secrete sovereign rate back door. That methodology has been reversed.

Everything will now be accomplished in the full light of day, peacefully and with controlled ease.

That said even the Keepers, HSBC, Bank of China, AIIB, Pentagon and Republic know they are running behind schedule now, thus causing disruption to the master transition protocol. 

That's bad for humanity.

The pressure is really on for them to perform... like yesterday (wink wink). 

So stay ready as they're eliminating all resistance now without prejudice.

They're also working 24/7 to ensure everyone's safety above all else.  So do be patient with the situation folks. 

The NPTB are learning running the world is painful, and they wanted everything to be perfect. 

What they're discovering is  spontaneous imperfection is the most challenging part of any perfect plan. 

Just ask nature.

Trust that they will figure all final details  out in short order... because they will as it is written in the Golden Book of Fate. 

Even the NPTB must surrender now to the process and just let go... to let God.

Pray for heaven's divine guidance to continue flowing freely so that all roll out  burdens may be lifted so that our blessings begin shortly.... as they must.

This is why time has recently been "shortening," and your days are speeding by at unusually faster pace. 

As remember, pressure can be applied from both earthly and heavenly realms.

God is with us.