Saturday, November 19, 2016

"Seamless" RV Update - November 19, 2016

Received via email.....

RV Update
November 19, 2016


“The best part of your story is when it permanently changes… seamlessly.” 

-- Felix Prater


Aloha Currency Community,

​As of midnight Saturday, you are in the moment.  Does it feel different?  Is it what you expected?  No change at all?  ​Or is your third eye peeking around dimensional corners and catapulting you soul into other realities that soar beyond the human experience, beyond anything man has ever known or been shown previously?​

​Can you feel the power of love ​surging ​through your ​universal antennae (​spinal column​)​, re-igniting your spirit essence​ and plugging back into Creator Source energy​?

​Too much?  Too soon?  Too bizarre?  ​Too everything?  I understand…  hey, it was worth a shot.  Some understood.  Shaka, MU!
Well, if the NPTB have done their job correctly, all and none shouldn't much notice any change of any kind, just a smooth, clean, easy and seamless transition from one power source to another for 1,000 years of light.  Sobeit.  Just is what it is.  What's for breakfast?

Nobody reading this started in the currencies for the same reasons we are all now being subjected to experiencing together.  Nobody.  Including old, arrogant and self-indulgent Yosef.  Yet, here we all are.  One.  Alive.  Aware.  Prepared.  Honed.  Scared sure, but Unbreakable and Healed at the same time. 

Pretty freaking incredible actually.  God is so great.  Hallelujah!

Many didn't make it though.  Many lost interest.  Many more lost hope.  Some even lost their lives.  Perhaps they weren't supposed to reach the promised land like Moses.  But certainly they laid important bricks along the way.  Boy looking back, what a long and crooked path the RV road ended up being for us all.   Nothing easy.  Nothing straight.  Nothing apparent.  Nothing simple about any step we had to take.  Everyone required faith and stamina we didn't know we were capable of. 

This spiritual endurance will be very useful to all of us moving forward, for while our lives suddenly change dramatically, most to all will have no clue as to what's just occurred.  And even if you tell them, which most who privately exchange won't be able too, they still wouldn't believe you--and probably will detest your success at some level.  Remember with the conversion of  your currencies, comes equal new burdens with your new blessings.  Guaranteed.

New information has come in since yesterday, since even this post was begun, to  confirm we are in fact in the moment of transition from dark to light in our financial system and in turn, the world's affairs.  As he who has the gold makes the golden rules, n'est pas? 

Many have contributed information at potential cost or risk to their reputations or wealth or even safety.  Thank you for contributing.  Hopefully this rag-tag Intel community did your service justice. 

As for Intel folks, there is no more.  Just performance alerts.  In your case contact numbers to set  your appointments, which we believe can come anytime after the sun goes down Saturday in NYC till it comes up again Sunday in NYC.  But this sunrise will take on a whole new meaning, as this sunrise will be the first of  your new life on earth. 

This sunrise will burn off all  your financial shame, all your past indiscretions with money, all your bad credit ratings, all your monetary debts, all your usury sufferings that have been built up, taught and passed down for generations. 

Money as a concept will change for all of you.  However, life in terms of being healthy, treating others with respect, appreciating small things and spending quality time with family and friends will not.  Life will still be life.  But yes, having money will make some aspects of life much easier, and certainly having the ability to help others eliminate their own usury burdens will change many lives.

One final thought I want to pass along in my final SITREP regarding this topic is this:  The greatest lesson I learned during my decade plus run in the sovereign wealth arena, including gold backed currencies we both hold is this… Aloha Ke Akua… or God is is Love.

If everyone would just start any relationship, any conversation, and business dealing, any trip, any project, any day holding the truth that God is Love, then I know the world would heal all that ails in a matter of seconds. 

What's great about knowing God is Love, is watching all succumb to this eternal truth no matter how powerful or accomplished in man-made terms.  For surrender you see, is acknowledgment that God is Love.  It is why I have consistently shared this message, to most ad nasuseam, because I know it to be so.

Only through absolute surrender to God's love, which was personified exactly through the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Yeshua Ben Yosef, can any soul aspire to ascend seamlessly.  As surrender is a gesture of power, it is a gesture of strength, it is a gesture of understanding, it is a gesture of humility, it is a gesture of innocence, it is a gesture of love.

So put down your swords great and mighty dark and light warriors, and bow  your heads to the Almighty for making this day possible--Heaven's physically earthly manifestation of humanity's release from vibrational bondage after 13 millennia of enslavement.

The Son's Day is not about money, or rates, or currencies, or bonds, or SKRs, or thirty plus zero wires… no, the Son's Day is about God demonstrating His unconditional love for His sacred and divine children dubbed humanity.  It's about us feeling His love and accepting it, freely and constantly...  its about you and me surrendering to His Agape Love… It's about everyone with a slice of His Sacred Oversoul reconnecting to our shared truth as His Children… It's about inhaling God's breath in all its effortless and wonder-filled forms, and exhaling new experiences through His gifted miracle of life in form.

Sure I'm hyperbolizing… or AMI just speaking raw truth for the the first time and you're receiving it purely as He intended?   Who knows, right?  You all will… and soon.

Go slow.  There's no rush to saving the world.  Let your cosmic lungs adjust to the new rare air you're being oxygenated with, then know nothing will ever stop you again.  We are free.  Free.  Free.  Free.

Aloha Ke Akua
(God is Love)