Thursday, November 3, 2016

White Hat Dark Hat Blog Update - November 3, 2016

Scalar Wave Civilizations

Earth is located in a very volatile area of space. The only way that it can be defined is as a terrorist region of space.

Basically Archon races put in infrastructure such as scalar wave facilities so that they can come down whenever to control the people on a certain planet. The scalar wave facilities literally prevent higher-dimensional races from being able to see what is going on in this region of space.  Most of these cultures can be defined as sadist cultures because of their perversions towards power.

Most of these factions are 4d when it comes to their spiritual development. A lot of them have some type of religion where electro-shock torture is prevalent in order to mute and distort the etheric body. Electro-shock torture makes it easier for these people to carry out atrocities against other races because it mutes their evolution. They also either do no understand the power of the Galactic Central Sun or they make a direct effort to avoid it.

Some of these cultures were once under the control of the Draco Federation. They were either allowed to evolve away from the Dracos or they forced their way away from them through a planetary intervention.

The problem was that they were either worshiping scalar waves or they had perversions in their planetary religion that caused them to go into orbit and be sadists. A lot of these groups are intimidated by the population of Earth because of the super soul-groups that exist.

A small percentage of these cultures were able to receive very high technology from very advanced groups because they were able to bait them down into scalar-wave contaminated areas of space. They then were either able to kill them or deceive them into giving away their technology.

It needs to be noted that there are a lot more frequencies than just the 5d frequency that is made famous by New Age lore. There are many frequencies that are under the control of factions that use scalar waves to hold civilizations hostage, this includes the 5d frequency or ascended master frequency.

Some of the most powerful off-planet factions originate from the 17th dimensional frequency.