Tuesday, November 8, 2016

ZIM Rate & Republic Update #3 - November 8, 2016

Received via email.....

Confirmed ZIM Rate Update #3 - Tuesday - November 8, 2016

1 ZIM = 30,000 USN+

Bonus Republic Update

- HRC has long been deceased due to a host of illnesses.  It's obvious to multiple intelligence experts there's as many as 3 HRC actors/body doubles portraying her on the campaign trail.  Thus, the entire democratic HRC campaign is a complete hoax--MSM too.  Ask yourself why you haven't noticed?

- Paul Ryan has already been sworn in as the hand picked restored Republic President.  They even had an inauguration party for him in Reno this past October.  Ask yourself why you were not invited let alone informed?

- China, Russia and White Hat decision makers would never allow a long standing cabal leader to mange their newly restored Republic government, military and currency.  Ask yourself why you have ignored such basic transitionary logic?

- Finally, our newly restored Republic government needs to introduce a new currency by decree of international treaty, which means redeemers will be able to walk through the front door of a bank soon.  Ask yourself why you were attracted to the currencies in the first place, and is this the same reason you're now following the RV so closely?

- Political, military, banking and geopolitical truths and illusions have both been running parallel realities ever since you were born, but they are now starting to cross over, and thus all daily life lies will slowly be revealed as empty historic events, with all truths gently appearing as obvious courses for the same events.  Meaning, you'll still be looking at the same picture, but suddenly gain a completely different understanding of it, and thus have a completely different experience instantaneously. 

- Do try and remain open to these dramatically new ideas above.  Otherwise, you will either be shocked or terrified... or both.