Thursday, December 29, 2016

9/11, Israel, Dark Cabal, & Politics

Received via email for publishing at 11:11am on December 29, 2016.....

Why politicians support Israel?

Israel sovereignty and security has long been a cornerstone of the American Christian political actor looking to acquire large voting blocks as 91% of Congress registers themselves as Christians.

However, the secret shadow government of Israel is one of several Middle Eastern shadow governments that carried out the 9/11 bombings to start WW3 and remain in control of humanity--including our own shadow government right here in the USA.

What all politicians know is that at some point, hopefully in the not too distant future, the shadow governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Italian, Great Britain and USA will be implicated and prosecuted for war crimes against humanity for the planning, participation and execution of the 9/11 conspiracy.

Yes the 9/11 conspiracy goes that deep.

This is why in the short term, all American politicians seem to support Israel because either they are a paid-in-full cabal actor like Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Ted Cruz; or they are just waiting for the big 9/11 information shoe to drop while continuing to gather up conservative Christian voting blocks... a la Paul Ryan.

Most to all malevolent politicians know the end is near for the shadow government philosophy per the new GESARA treaty; and thus they continue on with their public facade of ideological support for Israel so vehemently.

But Israeli sins (aka the cabal nation state) are so vast, so blatant, so impossible to cover up in the digital age, benevolent politicians are finding it harder and harder to fake support for Israeli policy publicly even though they know most to all of their Christian constituency have no clue about what really happened before, during or after 9/11.

This benevolent lying is literally eating their souls alive.  Day after day taking illogical positions on clear cut moral right and wrong governance issues--they must know they are all so easily seen through bubble, and yet they continue on with the facade for our benefit?  Please.

Their plan, right or wrong, is to stay the course until that perfect moment in history, when white hat politicians throw the shadow governments under the bus without them looking like weak fundamental Christian value candidates enforce it happens.

But you cannot lead from the behind Congress.  And invisible President Ryan, know sir you are being officially held responsible by representatives of the American citizenry since been given the reigns of this great nation circa October 2015 by foreign powers due to sovereign law and negligent financial default.

Be careful of absolute power Mr President--it can corrupt and destroy absolutely if you sir have not fully surrendered to the light of God.  Best any false witness and we the people will rise against you and your latent administration.

This said, the 9/11 truth day appears to be here and now, as both the UN resolution and American abstention non vote by the Obama Administration at the State Department last Friday, and the profound speech yesterday given by Secretary of State John Kerry on the virtues of Israeli/Palestine statehood.

Not a Kerry fan per se, but yesterday's speech was his finest hour in a long political career.  Well done sir.

Yes the Israel propaganda machine has made politically opposing their hidden, evil Zionist agenda look either anti-Semantic or anti-Christian or both by design as to protect the greater Israel expansion strategy (i.e. the ever growing Palestinian territory / West Bank settlements and faux Syrian civil war)... but that expand at all costs agenda is clearly self imploding before the world's eyes daily if not hourly now.

And one day, and we expect very soon, all global politicians will be forced to abandoned support for all shadow governments including the once untouchable Nation of Israel--led this decade by neocon BiBi Netanyahu.

For when the truth of Mossad demotion teams wiring the twin towers and building seven with spiff explosives, to assist small nuclear devices placed at the base of the buildings to bring those massive iron structures crashing straight down--in what will be known as the best coordinated and kept secrete in human history--all in an effort to start a holy war in the Middle East between Christians, Muslim and Hebrews--and tactically enslave the human race permanently via fiat war and usury--shit will not just hit the fan but break the blades of trust into smithereens!!!!

Put that cream in your morning coffee and drink it slow.

Oh, and the "airplanes hit the towers" regardless of what you thought you saw on TV or the movies that were made long after--didn't.

Two military sidewinder missiles were fired from black budget helicopters into the side of the twin tower buildings to create a huge fireball, and digital planes were CGI'd in later to give off the appearance of a terrorist attack.

Then magically 19 made up Islamic radical hijackers were offered to the public on cabal controlled media as the masterminds  of the plot against America's homeland, and eyewitness accounts that were pre-reversed were aired to appear authentic immediately following the well orchestrated "terrorist attack".

Donald Trump gave one of those interviews.  Did you vote for him?  63 million sleeping walking Americans did.

And when the cabal leaders in Europe had the world's full attention, they gave then US Vice President Dick Cheney permission to detonate the nuclear devices beneath the towers, and floor by floor, the bombs took out all the strength of the internal structural support until both towers and building seven came crashing down in a violent heap of epic tragedy.

Through chaos comes order is the cabal's playbook and sadly Israel has lived up to its biblical name since post WW1, which means "wrestling with God." (Genesis 32:28)

This is why it is such a tricky proposition playing politics when it comes to the issue of supporting or renouncing Israel.  And why most to all current politicians support Israel.  As for now, support of Israeli policy--no matter how flawed--is a long term no lose proposition for both bad and good political actors.

Folks, so much truth like this is coming out in the near future about our world, I pray that you are ready to receive it through daily self surrender in favor of the Creator's Will  Eddie the lies of mankind, as the vast majority of everything you currently believe in and hold so dearly as historical fact will soon be rendered inaccurate (and irrelevant) upon being told the real truth.

Please be patient with yourself and others as together we go through through the recalibration process.  A lot of emotions are going to surface.  Let them arise, acknowledge they exist and then loving just let them pas

Life is such a divine gift... don't waste it on revenge, anger, embarrassment or despair.
Rise above it all and create a better world in God's image.  That's all we can really do.   The last was there's but the future is ours.

Aloha Ke Akua
(God is Love)