Friday, December 30, 2016

Dr. William Mount Update - December 30, 2016

The actual President Obamas #4,5, and 6 are in hiding but the act of their handlers over the last 3 days were more than Barbaric:

First: This Despicable President bombed another Hospital, this one in Iraq was inside of the Iraqi Held Territory and was set up to teat victims of this US Funded War in Iraq.

Second: He expelled 35 Russian Diplomats for no good reason except that he still is claiming the loss of the election is “All Bush’s, I mean Trump’s, I mean Jared’s, I mean Hillary’s, I mean Putins‘, I mean Russia’s fault.”

Again - President Putin’s Response was to tell Obama and his handlers go to “H.”

Third:  By order of President Despicable (Der Fuhrer) he has ordered the expulsion of a 15 man team of doctors belonging to the Tsentrospas State Air Mobile Rescue Team who were being instructed by John Hopkins University, Maryland, on how to create 3D Printable Prosthetics for children wounded in the Syrian War. This Medical Team is Certified by the United Nations World Health Organization and has treated over 37,000 patients.

This Air Mobile Medical Team was being trained and then was ordered to Syria to treat War Victims there.

This team was preparing to send the worst War Victims to John Hopkins Hospital but this was terminated yesterday by President Despicable.

Fourth: He ordered NATO to shoot down the TU-124 Jet carrying a Choir in Russia -  he ordered a Choir to be blown up. They were headed to Syria to sing Christmas Songs.

Fifth: President Despicable’s Handlers wrote an article for a man named Justin Raimondo for the Los Angeles Times and claimed that if you voted fro trump you have Trump Derangement Syndrome - TDS.

So Anti Human Sacrificing NAZIs are now considered to have Trump Derangement Syndrome -- Sounds like something that would be written by a Truly despicable and Barbaric Presidential Staff.

Sixth: Do not think these Human Sacrificing Satanic NAZIs work alone. “Special Envoy” (Not An Ambassador) from Italy to Yemen Gianfranco Petruzzella has openly called for the censorship of the internet. Guess we have identified another one that needs to be contained.

Seventh: These Satanic NAZIs are currently causing a Bank Run in Italy.

Finally: Jim Willie discussed the fact that there is currently a negotiation going on in China to set the New Gold Price at $5,000 to begin with and back all currencies with Gold.

President Despicable and his staff were not invited but there were a few members of the IMF allowed to watch but not participate. None of this has hit the western newspapers - none of it.

Once the Bush’s are contained we are certain they will cough up all of the gold they have stolen, especially after their New World Headquarters were blown up a few days ago and their San Diego and Central Australian Headquarters may be next. Then - Under Brazil and then under the Congo.

As for Minister Justin Trudeau and his selling off of Canada;’s remaining gold reserves - his Computer Chip Implants installed at the White House may soon be neutralized and he will stop working for these Satanic NAZIs.


Please pray that these Satanic NAZIs working with President Despicable are completely neutralized forever.

Please pray you are ready. There is, for example, an Arctic Blast about to hit North America again - with Montana Temperatures again to go down to Minus 30 Degrees (F)  in parts of Montana and other Northern States. These cold blasts will last until the end of winter and perhaps into the Spring.

One last note - the Censors come back form vacation next Monday so we will be forced to use silly titles to continue broadcasting. Until then - we will have killer titles.


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Dr William B. Mount