Friday, December 2, 2016

GCR/RV/GESARA/Republic Update - December ​2, 2016

Received via email....

GCR/RV/GESARA/Republic Update
December ​2, 2016


​Each artist ​is a​n artist, ​each giver a giver​, each humanitarian a humanitarian.  We are what we are... at all times… which is all heart."

-- ​Roman Jay​


We are here, together… everyone in the here and now of the RV.  The release.  Present in this moment.  Believe it.  Because it's here.

Finally, today, your greatest joy, your best self, is allowed to fly free and release into the world, unrestricted and without limitation for all the world to witness, admire and emulate. 

Forget the numbers. 
Forget negotiation strategies. 
Forget trusts and NDAs.
Forget structured payouts and claw backs. 
Forget Trump, Ryan and Pence.
Forget Dunford and Grandfather.
Forget it all.

Instead give it all away to God and rejoice that you made it to the end… to experience the beginning.   And just listen to you heart​.

​Be aware of your surroundings tonight as you drive into your appointment, and drive home after your conversion. 

Get lost in the people's eyes next to you sitting in the redemption holding area, frightened, excited, anxious, terrified… and comfort them by holding their hand… tell them its going to be ok and to pray when they get nervous… maybe even surrender to their higher power and let Him speak for you… it's all going to be alright… promise. 

Remember the journey you had to endure to arrive here.  The friends you made, the loved ones you lost, the miracles that arrived in the nick of time, the scars that will forever blanket your heart.  It all counts.  It was all real.  All part of some grand tapestry known as the human experience, woven uniquely just for your RV story to end successfully. 

Nobody can take this experience away.  And quite possibly, nobody will ever understand just what you went through to get here.  How could they.  You lived it and it's still illogical… aka unbelievable.  Sobeit.

At lunch today, I asked my wife if I deserved such an inexpressible blessing, after all she had witnessed my decade plus of effort to arrive at this point in time.  And she said something interesting… "We all deserve to experience something beyond our wildest dreams… at least once… this is just your once."

This is our once.  Our good name's redemption.  It's all ours because we gave it our all.  If for no other reason than we lived with "all heart" and dared to ignore what was sensible and went for what was possible.  We risked everything for everything.  Heroic and pathetic all in the same shell of person.  We believed.  So now we receive. 

We are the surrendered ones, chosen by God to serve all helpless souls, all the time.  We are the loyal servants of the Most High.​  Blessed and highly favored, burdened and beleaguered.  Yet alive, very much alive.  Awake.  Proud.  Dignified.  Strong as steel, soft as velvet.   Our swords and shields of protection and combat gentled laid down to honor God and dish out His manna, His grace and His mercy to whomever, and wherever, it is needed.

We stood the test of time, we overcame the lies, the illusions, loss of faith, absence of hope, constant fatigue, perpetual trials and tribulation, and every tricking military pay-op strategy until the forces of evil gave into the love God.  We left everything on the table, open for all see, criticize and condemn, and still we stand tall in the winds of change as pillars of Christ's promise fulfilled. 

Jesus would be pleased.  As He lived this way, fully exposed, who feared nothing with God only in His heart, on His sleeve and flowing from His tongue.  As it was His time to walk into the light and take the cross on cavalry Hill, it's now our time to walk into the light and be the representatives of God on Earth as in Heaven and do works and deeds far greater than He. 

To you currency holders, let me be the first to acknowledge your conversion as your life's most difficult and greatest work, as well as offer sincere congratulations. 

May God continue to bless and keep your health, family, innocence and wealth in divine keeping.  

Tonight we rise up Human Angels.  We rise up.  Together.

In Humble Service of Yeshua Ben Yosef and humanity's greatest good, hope to see everyone on the other side.

God is with us.