Sunday, December 11, 2016

Geopolitical Intel Update - December 11, 2016

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 Geopolitical Review - Raw Audacity - December 11, 2016

The non OPEC global oil production reduction deal got done yesterday, Saturday.  Now all oil dependent economy currencies can stabilize before the RV.  Important stuff.  Yippee.

But American traitor John Kerry is now asking war ravaged Syrian President Assad to show a little grace.  That's cant even be a real thing, can it?  You attack a country covertly, then beg for mercy publicly?

Here's a thought, exterminate all the paid mercenary fighters and expose the evil Israeli, American and European leaders that created 5 years of Middle East war and civil unrest in Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan and Turkey.

Honestly, the raw audacity of the white race to speak lies publicly without fear of penalty just astonishes me.

In another twist, the Pentagon has sent 300 American special forces troops and advisors to Syria.  For what real purpose, we are not sure yet.

Final Aleppo surrender terms are suppose deadly being finished Saturday night, Sunday morning in Paris between Mr. RA Kerry and top diplomat Lavrov of Russia.  We shall see.

The UN passed a new cease fire agreement today, but still needs 4/5 permanent member security council approvals--permanent security council members include Russia, China, USA, UK, and France ... why are the UK and France still in any top military decision making on international council deciding anything of relevance? ... plus 7 other non permanent security council members which they already have.

Stay tuned as the geopolitical plot thickens.  Things are getting real, real fast now.


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The Hoax is Over

The Hoax is Over

Aleppo = Israel
Ukraine = Germany

Ashkenazi Jews originated in the Ukraine also known as the ancient Kharazian Empire. 

German Nazi's we're actually hidden handed Ashkenazi Jews from the Ukraine. Together they represent the purest evil on planet earth.

This is why Russia, China and Iran have teamed up to defeat them now.  And only a UN Security Council vote is the only public unconditional surrender acceptable in international court. 

Their unknown and unbreakable family bond is why together they faked a Jewish holocaust at the hands of the dreaded German Nazi's.  For in truth, Jews and Nazis were both installed actors from the same Kharazian Empire crime family.  And also how and why together they help forcefully through steady migration create the nation of Israel in Palestine post WW2.

This is truth because WW2 reduced the total population of all of Europe by 12.5% or 48 million, from 440 million in 1940 to only 392 million in 1950. 

And if the Jewish population in Europe alone had decreased by a similar 12.5%, there would have been only 14 million Jews worldwide in 1946.  If the 1946 almanac is correct, then there were 1.8 million more Jews than that in 1946 and even more in 1950. 

This would mean that the Jewish population increased at the same time that the European and Christian populations decreased considerably.  And that suggests that the Nazis (Ashkenazis) did a better job of protecting Jews than protecting Christians, which is counter to history.

There were undoubtedly Jews who were treated unfairly during WW2, because the war was intimacy framed that way.  But if this data doesn't at least suggest that Nazis treated Jews much more fairly than they treated Christians and other Europeans, it definitely proves that Jews died at a much lower rate than Christians did. 

And if fewer than 1.2 million Jews died during WW2, then they died at a rate lower than all Europeans died and thus all holocaust history is a well crafted, yet entirely manufactured hoax.