Saturday, December 31, 2016

Geopolitical Overview (Intel Report) - December 31, 2016

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"High School"
Geopolitical Overview
December 31, 2016


Remember high school... when the most popular jock/cheerleader kids (western world) took on the weaker/nerd kids (eastern world) who were both at odds for who controlled the student council (global financial system), and a few bullies (cabal) would try and sway the election (world peace) through brute force (assignation) and intimidation (Islamic terrorism), but some quiet rich kid (grandfather) would suddenly propose a brilliant plan and do something amazing at the very end (GCR/RV) to reverse public opinion (UN Security Council vote today @ 11am EDT) so that good would ultimately triumph over evil?

Sure ya do, it's a common tale.  One we've all seen a hundred times in the movies, and precisely what we're being exposed to now geopolitically at the United Nations on this Saturday morning--whether we are consciously aware or fast asleep--all will bear witness to how this Greek tragedy plays out.

For the long anticipated RV awaits one final and highly public vote by the 15 permanent and non permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, who will choose between Middle East peace or World War lll per sovereign, international and universal law.

Beyond absurd, yet oddly logical and dramatically factual.

If peace emerges victorious, humanity is instantly freed from financial and military bondage, and the RV will release shortly there after.  If war wins the day, we shall all wait until peace wins a similar resolution vote in the future per the Chinese Elders.

All go peacefully or none go.

That's how the Chinese Elders want it obviously, and since it's their gift to humanity as keepers of the global collateral accounts fir hundreds of years, that's how the RV will roll.  Sobeit.

Because at this late hour, on this final day of 2016, the stakes are literally that high and why all nations have been cramming these past weeks to complete both the Israeli / Palestinian dual state solution as well as a Syrian ceasefire resolution.  As these were the final two items on the Chinese Elders pre-RV checklist.

Every Security Council nation will vote for peace or war, but all will publicly cast a vote (or at the very least abstain from voting) because God is now judging mankind, and face the scarce or abundant consequences of their action.

Humanity must declare via its own leadership--at the UN forum--whether to surrender to love or continue forward in fear.  As there can only be one winner with regards to which side of the Israel/Palestine/Syria conflict one is on.

Hard to believe the RV needed Middle East peace to be fully completed by the last day of 2016... but here we are.  Yup, the Chinese Elders held back the RV until Middle East peace has been resolved.

But given the scope of the event, it should and must happen exactly this way when you think about it... for precisely this reason... what else could accomplish peace in this region of the world?

That's the kind of infinite patience and trust Grandfather has in and for humanity to get our shit together.

Sun Tzu says in The Art of War if you want peace prepare for war, but what he doesn't say is that one must also be willing to walk away from anything less than true peace in order to convince the other side they are committed to war if necessary.

So today ask yourself these two questions UNSC voters... do you really believe Israel wants to fight a war against China/Russia/Turkey/ Iran without American support?  And secondly, do you really believe an Israeli only army can overcome sanctions enforced by China/Russia/Turkey/Iran, let alone win a military victory over time?

If you answer no to both, vote in favor of the ceasefire resolution tomorrow and protect Israel from itself.  If yes on either question, abstain.  If no on both questions, reject the resolution outright.  Your call.

Because those are the 3 choices left for the 15 members of the UN Security Council: (permanent) Russia, United States, China, Great Britain, France, (non permanent) Ukraine, Italy, Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Japan, Senegal, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Uruguay.

Peace or war--all must decide and answer before the world and God.

Enjoy your day.

God is with us.