Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kent Dunn Intel Update & Action Requested To Stop Chemtrails

Update: Great commentary from Justin at Sitsshow Blog.

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December 21, 2016

Kent Dunn today gives an intelligence report that chemtrail operations are taking place over Lincoln, Nebraska and North Carolina.  Kent specifically fingers that chemtrail operations are being conducted by the Air National Guard in Lincoln Nebraska.  Kent urges everyone to call the number 402-309-1110, which is the contact information for the Air National Guard in Lincoln Nebraska.  Kent Dunn requests that you voice your concern about chemtrails and that you do not consent to their continued spraying of toxic substances. 

Doing a more in depth search about the Air National Guard brings up the following information.

Air National Guard Lincoln Info - Source Link

Air National Guard from Lincoln, Nebraska is categorized as International Affairs and National Security, the company specializes in National Security. For more information about Air National Guard's offer, please visit our office on 2420 W Butler Ave in Lincoln, NE, or just call: 4023091110.

Company info

Air National Guard addressAddress:

2420 W Butler Ave, Lincoln, NE 68524

State: Nebraska (NE), Lancaster County
International Affairs and National SecurityCategory:International Affairs and National Security
National Security

Contact info

ContactContact:Colonel Adams - Manager
Air National Guard PhonePhone:


It appears that the Nebraska Air National Guard: 155th Air Refueling Wing may be part of these chemtrail operations which has them listed at the same airport.  You can take a look at the address on Google Maps and see a satellite view of this location.  You get a clear view of the possible chemtrail/military planes stationed at the Air National Guard.  Below is a screenshot of the airport that may be allowing chemtrail activity according to Kent Dunn.

Nebraska Air National Guard does have its own website address here

Kent Dunn continues to report about the law used to allow the continued spraying of chemtrails.   The law is referred to as law 105-85 November 18th 1997 which allows the military to legally spray USA citizens with toxins without our consent.  The full law can be read at the following link....

Here is another video in which Kent Dunn informs the public of the chemtrail law 105-85.

For people who still do not know about geoengineering or chemtrails, it is recommended to watch the documentary called "What in the World Are They Spraying?" .  I have embedded the documentary below for your convenience.  This documentary is backed by science, eye witnesses, and investigative journalism.

It is a sad state of affairs when we are still dealing with people who do not care about humanity and continue to spray the skies of the world with toxic substances.  I personally see chemtrail operations on a continued basis and it still amazes me that these military pilots continue to support these destructive programs.  These are crimes against humanity and if Kent Dunn's intel is true, this is a good starting point for humanity to protest.

Again, the phone number provided by Kent Dunn is 402-309-1110, so we can peacefully protest and let our voices be heard.  They are now on notice that the public is aware of their hidden agenda.