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Lisa Transcendence Brown - Completion Phase Has Been Completed – WE Did It! – 12-21-16


Completion Phase Has Been Completed   –   WE Did It!   –   12-21-16

The last few days is observing the simplicity of our existence and how easy it is. I dare not say it, (but I will), this has been the easiest and absolutely serene initiation for SOULstice, StarGate alignment, physical body upgrades, physical reality everything…. more pristine, more sacred, more beautiful, more everything….

I know we still have a couple weeks of this phase and I know that these alignments rock the human reality, because it has to, that’s how this works. Yet transcending human’ness allows for complete peace, ease and magical amazing abundant everything…. and we all came here to experience THIS PART of the PROCESS FULLY….

Embracing absolutely everything with the fullness that we are, letting go of old mental constructs and everything that represented unconsciousness leaves SPACE for all of our highest consciousness realities to materialize for us here.

Forerunners, WayShowers “suffered” the brunt of it all first. Part of it was to open all of these gateways and keep them open, anchor the light, transcend the human everything and SHOW OTHERS HOW THIS IS DONE, so that others can do this easier than we did. No more succumbing to the old ways anymore and intentionally collapsing (and often obliterating) the old AS POWER THROUGH THE PURITY OF DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE. WE ARE the PROOF. We provide the tools to experience this sooooo much easier than when we were unconscious and didn’t have the capability to fully understand. WE provide the opportUNITY for each to choose easier too, so that all can awaken to the knowledge, gifts and pure abundance that exists inside of them… in order to bring it into this physical, open up to share, open up to make a difference, focus every ounce of energy on what is truly important here. But we had to actually go through it, experience it and share as we did.

The days of sacrifice and suffering ARE OVER for those who’ve already done this part. The days of being persecuted, living from lack (in every way) are over. The days (vibrations) of unworthiness are over for those who truly get it now. The vibrations of separation are gone for those who no longer entertain or play in the old human game that now (continually) moves further into collapse so that higher light consciousness realities can materialize for all…..

Each person does go through a collapse. Inside or outside or both, is determined by how unconscious one fights to remain…..

There is a dismantling, dissolving, de-construction of all old construct realities so each can leave the matrix simulation hold. HOW ONE EXPERIENCES THIS IS DETERMINED BY HOW READY ONE IS TO REALLY TRULY EMBRACE AND JUMP….. or how much one fights and tries to hold on by way of a MISPERCEPTION OF FEAR created belief that awakening & ascension is something to fear…….

As each truly really fully starts to observe their own mentalities, thought programs and beliefs….. everything starts to become very clear….. New realities are created, new foundations start to form, new systems, new everything takes the place of the old.

The mind needs a challenge, and at first the challenge is all of the emotional energy that comes up. As this “goes”, then the higher mind is able to activate… which is where many are now.

The confusion is for those who believed the outside world. Coming to “not believe” those thoughts, what is visible, those feelings and de-code realities to understand how they create, this is a part of the process for each…..

As we move higher in vibrational frequencies to WALK IN HEAVEN ON EARTH FULLY…. as each is ready, they will arrive/vibrate into this reality too, cross over the RAINBOW BRIDGE, cutting those cords of attachments to everything that kept them anchored in lower frequency dimensional bandwidths of Earth that continually cease to exist.

NO, you do not have to go back…. if you can continually GOVERN YOUR MIND AND YOU…. if you can REMEMBER FULLY and you DO whatever your Universe (YOU) show you to DO. As you pull away and Master the BEING Phase, as you MASTER anchoring your own dreams and desire here, as you MASTER all things energetically/physically from inside… everything CONTINUALLY ALIGNS FOR YOU….. in response to the vibrational consciousness that you HOLD with your whole BEing here.

No, you don’t lose anything…. realities are re-aligning for you to have and be more. More love, more bliss, more magic, more peace, more everything in-alignment with your SOUL.

On this SOLstice marker point…. this is one of accomplishments, milestones and VISION OF OUR NEW…. bringing that KNOWING you have from inside of you forth, bringing those realities you most desire from that UNIFIED PLACE of purity and love forth and doing it for EVERYONE OF US…. for as you transcend human, this is no longer about you as an individual human anymore. This is about you as a part of the WHOLE, the bigger picture, how you are here to make an impact, contribute, share, inspire and THRIVE ABUNDANTLY in all things… not just one area of your life… every area will be beyond exquisite again…. AS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO EXPERIENCE THIS FULLY HERE.

Yes, we did it…. and it’s a moment to continually re-JOYce …. and to expand your knowledge, energy, gifts and to start to step up as you are called…. to make a difference too. Everyone here will do this. Everyone has an important and integral part to play now.

When your heart is truly open, you always have something that you can contribute, you always have more than enough… (human looks at lack and not enough in all). As you open up, what you have to share expands too. The human mind will say “I don’t have anything or enough”. This is a story we tell ourselves until we are done believing it…..

The old dimensions of unconsciousness shall continue to increasingly collapse/converge/unify at an exponential rate beyond human comprehension …. this is the point. Everyone that chose physical ascension must physically vibrate at a higher frequency to exist in these higher vibrational realities that are already here and waiting now. ♥

I love you. Get ready. Choose your dimension with every particle and fiber of you. Your entire experience depends on this. ♥ ♦ ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder, Key-Code Holder & Guardian of NEW Earth ♦

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