Thursday, December 29, 2016

On Money and Judgment - Op-Ed by Victoria1111


A couple of things I have read recently on money have given me reason to write this piece.  The first author stated the opinion that we are to master money while in 3D, implying there will be no ascending until that skill is mastered.  The second author was writing about the currency re-set/reval, stating that those who were believing it to be released to the public were naive and it was time to learn about money.

To begin with, I admit I know little about money.  I have actually had a love/hate relationship with it.  Hated – always hated – I had to make it. Always hated once I do make some, someone is telling me I have to give it to them to eat, have a place to live, keep myself warm, clothed and the like.  And yet, likely due to social brainwashing, I have had a near-obsessed mindset in making it.  And yet, I have struggled in this regard. Desperately.  In a nutshell, I don’t understand money.  Don’t resonate with money management.  I got a “C” in my college economics class and to this day, I don’t know how I pulled off that little miracle.  I had a blank stare for each and every lecture and I yawned myself into more than one nap.  To this day, I am not interested in the stock market or investing.  It repels me.  It’s all rigged anyway and because I have been ready-set-go wanting a cashless (meaning resource-based), more evolved society since I was about 19, I have simply not had the mindset much less the patience for money.

I look at it like swimming or any other skill acquisition.  Some will have a better mindset and ability for it.  In fact, let’s use playing the piano as an example.  This is something I excel at.  I spent the first 3 years of my life listening to my mom play little tunes for me on the piano.  One day, I toddled over to the piano, climbed up and began playing what she had been playing.  Without lessons.  I had the intuitive, innate ability to understand that instrument, which many claim is the hardest one to master.  For me, it’s been easy.

Expecting someone to understand money and “master” it, as I said the author in the one piece I mentioned said we were here to do, is as ridiculous as expecting someone to master the piano.  I can guarantee that I can teach someone how to play the piano and chances are, they would not come close to having the same ability as I do on that instrument.  In fact, most simply would give up.

But in this reality, in this 3rd dimensional system of monetary crap, we are all expected to master money.  If you fail, you are judged.  Harshly – even among those in the new age and ascension communities.  I have encountered it.  I have often asked some of the healers if they offer a sliding scale fee on their services.  I have yet to find one who does.  Some have become offended (asking why I would ask such a thing) or offered up the excuse that “well you need to be in alignment with the Universe and the money will flow.”  Ok.  So when someone who is homeless desires a place to live and lacks the funds, we’ll just push them back out into the streets and tell them to intend better thoughts.

This is not the thought process of an enlightened being, in my opinion.  Or in my heart for that matter.
Then there is the topic of the currency revaluation.  I don’t see such folks following this as naive.  I see them as desperate.  Hopeful.  Perhaps some with hearts so pure they have not been tarnished by money.  And at the very worst, lacking in the skilled mindset of money management.  So this makes it ok to judge them?  If the currency revaluation is really not meant for the public, let’s not judge those who are hoping and wanting it to be so.  After all, it is long past due for the elimination of poverty, for a global financial jubilee, for a return of the wealth that has been stolen for eons. If there is indeed disinformation being spread on this topic, let’s not go after the desperate populace.  Let’s take the judgment and attack to those spreading the disinformation.

The question we need to ask ourselves is this:  Who do we really want to be?  Do we want to be an enlightened, ascended Being?  If so, then let’s stop this pointless judging of those who lack the knowledge and skill and mindset of money and money management.  It is a skill.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Some are better at it than others.

Using my piano analogy:  Would it be fair of me to judge others who cannot play that instrument the way I can?  Of course not.

So let us not judge those who lack the skill of understanding money and money management.  5d reality has no place for judgment or duality. Instead let us create, together, a System where knowing and mastering this skill is not necessary for survival.

THAT is the mark of a True Master.