Thursday, December 1, 2016

Op-Ed By Voltron - RV Transition

RV - THE TRANSITION - Thursday Dec 1, 2016

Greetings ~
Have you noticed when watching a good suspenseful movie where the mystery keeps you locked into the plot then the final reveal, reveals itself, it’s as though you found a gift. 

Gifts are everywhere if you know what to feel in where to look. 

Remember what it was like during your “first love” relationship. It felt as though you were on top of the world and nothing mattered except each other’s happiness. 

Remember the first time you stepped into a new experience like college or a new relationship. Everything seemed fresh, curious, and exciting. 

Remember that time a relationship ended only to find yourself again to proceed forward with a different perspective, hopefully, without fear or resentment. 

Those were the times that mattered the most since you were in transition from an old self to another version of yourself. 

Some are fearful and fall back into their old ways. Some are anxious and in a hurry to never learn. 

But many grow into higher versions of themselves when called upon such as many did during the past couple of false RV events.

Technically speaking, the post RV paradigm was always here. 

Some people who believed in so were already there in mind and heart which is the most valuable lesson of all. And perhaps, experiencing time differently even though the “money was not in accounts.” This is a good sign because you have detached yourself from the outcome which means that your views of money has transitioned into the new paradigm. 

Some of you may have retracted back into your old self feeling victimized with various levels of emotional tantrum of who’s fault it was that made you feel anger. This is the old paradigm that has allowed the concept of money to enslave you. Please try to stop mentally gripping everything so tightly. 

For those fortunate enough to understand the true nature of this transitional period will probably feel moments of support/love, moments of clarity, and moments of looking clearly ahead. Congratulations, you found the gift. The exchange is just the cherry on top. You now know what it is to experience..."birds of paradise" comes only to an open hand. Remember this in your daily dealings going forward. 

Many have left emotional signatures at the door in the past couple of days and closed the doors behind them. Some were fearful to never have opened the door to see the light ahead. 

What is important is that you expressed the anxious stressful energy that appeared to be locked (false RV, banks denial, "fake gurus," etc…) away within. 

Unfortunately, some will gain financial status yet still be imprisoned in the past only to experience unforeseen consequences. 

Shortly, humanity will share the gift to truly experience what it means to be free, wealthy beyond imagination, and the liberty to be who you want to be.   

God speed~

Yours truly,