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The Ascension Gateways ... by GW Hardin ... Part 5

THE ASCENSION GATEWAYS: Entering the Realm of the Otherworlds — Part 5

by GW Hardin

Humans are living gateways. For millennia, indigenous peoples have known of these gateways in nature, used in secret ceremonies that gave them access to the otherworlds. But even the indigenous did not know about the latest discoveries of the gateways within humanity.

There is a reason why humans have the ability to become gateways. We stand at the great threshold, which some would call a great divide, between the vastness of the macrocosmic universe and the breathtaking microcosm of the subatomic underworlds. Indeed within our very bodies reside millions of gateways called microtubules that scientists are only now beginning to grasp — and gasp at. Rather than go into the controversial theories of the Schwarszchild Proton to prove this point, I rest my case in the research done by Hameroff & Penrose that I have already cited in parts 1 & 2 of this series. And having rested my case, I must now set aside scientific bias and return to the mystical ways of our ancient ancestors to complete my tale.

In my latest book, A WORLD BEYOND BELIEF and a predecessor, INDIGO RISING (both available for free and downloadable on my website, gwhardin.com), I talk about how African shaman-priest, Malidoma Somé, taught me about the Gatekeepers of the Dagara tribe. What I also discuss is how important it is for the modern world to remember the ways of the Gatekeepers — for they hold the secrets of ascension into higher dimensions for Mother Earth. But what is most interesting is how modern scientists have discovered yet another form of dimensional gateways that exist within each one of us. What we must accomplish at this time is to bring the worlds of the ancients and the modern together. For Earth depends on it.

To reveal the lost secrets of the Gatekeepers and the modern discoveries of biophysicists, I will present four sections that will weave together these secrets and discoveries in a way that will permit us to step through our own gateways into a realm of self-awareness and harmony, now that the we have co-created the Harmonic Grid I spoke of in the previous article, “The Jericho Moment” (http://gwhardin2.herokuapp.com/articles). The four sections are:

1. Success of the Harmonic Grid … What Comes Next?

2. Return of the Gatekeepers … From Africa to Angels

3. The Solfeggio Gateways … Toroidal Weavings of Life

4. Conclusion … Finding the Gateways Within

 In “The Jericho Moment” I revealed one of the secrets of the Sri Yantra, called the “Heart of Source,” and how to use this knowledge to co-create the Harmonic Grid. Now it is time to return to humanity the remaining secrets.

Success of the Harmonic Grid
… What Comes Next?

The premise of the Harmonic Grid was set forth in my previous article around October 1, 2016. Many of you around the world graciously responded by helping set up the Harmonic Grid around the world with the hope that we might begin this crumbling process; and the crumbling took little time to begin. Within a week, articles on many blogs began reporting the release from Wikileaks that started the chaos in the political arena, which resulted in an election that surprised most of us. On YouTube, videos began reporting action by the intelligence community to stop the rigging of the upcoming election with raids on techno-centers in Texas and Colorado that were orchestrating what was reported from election watchdog groups as “Fraction Magic” software. In several states machines caught switching votes were either decommissioned or replaced by paper ballots.

Standing Rock now stands as a testimonial to citizens waking up and preventing corporate interests from implementing self-serving environmental calamity. PizzaGate is threatening to take down the entire governmental structure in Washington, DC. Voting in Italy and Austria is sundering the financial system not only of Europe but the world. International rumors hint of a new financial system already in the making. Reports from multiple intelligence leaks provide detail on how the power centers of the elite have been breeched and taken over. But most importantly, I hear from scores of you who profess how your own personal lives have taken leaps forward as you move into serious self-empowerment and self-knowing that brings self-awareness. A growing number are reporting that the scalar antenna set-up is becoming increasingly powerful, even to the point where it’s too much at times for some of you.

Full Disclosure strains the reins of the elite trying to keep secret a world hidden from us for centuries. Whistleblowers from the intelligence community report that exo-sources are telling us that we have “broken” our timeline and have entered a new timeline. Which means that a whole new reality is possible. Our sun is producing coronal holes like never before, foreshadowing the coming of a new world, long described by the Mayans as the “Ceremony of the New Sun.”

My deepest gratitude to all of you who continue to support the Harmonic Grid. All this news causes me to move to a place of growing hope. Our work has only just begun. For the chaos that sweeps our world and crumbles the walls of our prison planet must be replaced by structures of harmony and accord. More and more the voices of co-creation will be needed. More and more we must work together as the Observer-Effect continues not only to change reality, but to co-create a new reality.

Return of the Gatekeepers … From Africa to Angels

My first exposure to gateways came from an African shaman-priest named Malidoma Somé, with whom I studied for a year. From the indigenous perspective, these gateways existed between various dimensions in nature — not unlike we see with modern mathematics today where differentiation is recognized numerically. From the ancient ways of the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso, we learn that these different dimensions had different purposes and different vibrations that Mother Earth herself needed in her own growth, her own Ascension. Without the gatekeepers, Mother Earth, left to herself without the higher vibrations, would have to grow in ways that created violent change. From the ancient teachings, we learn that two gatekeepers are needed for any gateway to open, one on each side of the dimensional opening. Once these gateways were open, not only were energy and vibrational harmonics exchanged, but, depending on the spiritual advancement of the gatekeeper, information, etheric travel, and even in rare occasions, physical travel were possible. The gatekeepers were so revered by the Dagara, that spying on a gatekeeper in ritual was punishable by death.

Once I discovered for myself that these gateways existed in nature, I began to make use of them in helping others in ways that varied from bringing balance to people’s lives to moving clients into places of healing. For sickness is nothing more than a human being out of balance with self. I write about these gateways in three of my books: A World Beyond Belief … Indigo Rising … and The Masters Return (the first two available for free on my website … www.gwhardin.com).

When I was writing books on the angelic realm, it truly stunned me to hear the angelics also talking about gateways. Their gateways operated a little differently than those found in nature. These gateways could be opened with crystals or designated human beings arranged in geometric configurations.


However, the angels also spoke of the potential of these gateways opening with sounds, and in particular with solfeggio tones. When Joseph Crane gave me a list of tones they had provided him, I began to look at them from a mathematical basis. Later, when I also received similar tones from the writings of Dr. Joseph Puleo, I was able to piece together the lost secrets of the solfeggio system (www.soundsofwonder.com/solfeggio.htm#matrix). What truly amazed me is that the solfeggio mathematics not only worked with frequencies/tones, they also worked with symbols, in similar fashion to Sai Baba’s Sanjeevini Healing Symbols (http://www.saisanjeevini.org/index.php/a-healer-s-guide/diseases-sanjeevini-healing-cards). Once more, I also discovered that these solfeggio vibrations weren’t limited to physical constructs but could be enacted with intent or sacred visualizations linked with certain geometries.

Once more, I also discovered via the angelic realm that special arrangements of the solfeggio tones opened gateways. Experiments were done to test this out. It turns out the movie and TV series “Stargate,” are actually based on some of these lost secrets. And it also turns out that using the solfeggio patterns in similar ways that symbols are used in “Stargate” also works. Experiments made it apparent to me that this information is not to be messed with.

The angels gave the first information on the solfeggio gateways via what they call the tones of the Divine Masculine. There also exists a gateway of tones to the Divine Feminine. Here are the original angelic gateway tones in hertz:


In these cases of the angelic gateways, there is always a tone that is a fractal higher, connecting the human and the angelic. In this case the connecting fractal tones are 186 and 1086. There is also a harmonic of all the tones that is the sum of all the other frequencies (1428) that bridges the gateway to the angelic realm. What I have also realized is that if this kind of bridging between realms is not maintained in other solfeggio tonal combinations, then the gateway openings can be used for good or for ill, thus operating outside of Oneness. Which means that I tend to be a little careful in how much I tell folks. But if they find out for themselves, then it is meant to be. Likewise it should be noted that these gateways I am revealing operate in the third dimension. There exist fractals of these gateways that operate in other dimensions.

Here is a partial list of the angelic gateways. Each seed is a gateway:


You will notice that the doubling pattern (vertical column) is used in the same way as I wrote regarding the patterns of the Sri Yantra (The Jericho Moment… http://gwhardin2.herokuapp.com/articles). But in this case there is a division of the doubling within each seed: (A) 1 … 2 … 4, and (B) 8 … 7… 5 (4 x2=8 …  8x2=16=1+6=7 … 7x2=14=1+4=5).  So in the angelic Tonal Gateways, all the tones begin with these lower numbers (1, 2, 4). The reason for the division of the  “doublings” is that the angels are connecting Heaven with Earth, with 1, 2, and 4 being the earthly tones. On the other side of the gateway, the angels sing the tones (what we call the “angelic choir”) that begin with 8, 7, and 5 as the energy bridge is connected between our worlds (6, 9 and 3 come from the Heart of Source, with the tones beginning with 3 also on the angelic side of the gateway). Both humans and angels must be present at the same time for this to work. It is a beautiful experience.

The following illustrates how to set up these gateways. It’s not simple to have six sets of tones going at the same time (the 7th tone being a harmonic of the other six). One must keep in mind that even in this setup a gatekeeper must be present to open the space and close the space, as well as invite the angelic realm to open their side of the gateway. The angelic gateways are open to all who are love-centered.


Keep in mind that this is a foretaste of the vast body of information regarding gateways. Oftentimes, I get questions from folks asking where they can read about these kinds of gateways and how to work with them. Regrettably, I still have to tell folks that such information still is not available in written form, though I do make references to the potentials of these gateways in my books. Even the African Dagara keep the information about their indigenous gateways a secret. It was a radical departure from custom for Malidoma Somé to share with me and others the secrets of his own culture. The angelics do not keep their gateways a secret, but one must pursue a dedicated and personal path to understand the information they will impart to human gatekeepers. With that understanding, I am going to make public for the first time one body of knowledge about the gateways that has never been made public. In releasing that information, there is no way a book or a hundred books could adequately teach and inform the potentials of these wonderful dimensional gifts. They must be fully learned through the heart with trust in self.

The Solfeggio Gateways …  Secrets of the Sri Yantra Web-of-Life

Throughout the years it has become obvious to me that certain people are quite gifted with using sound. Some use their own voices in healing rituals, others use crystal bowls, and yet others use music itself in ways that transcend anything you hear on the radio. What I am about to share with you will be most limited, mostly because of the difficulty in understanding the secrets of the Sri Yantra in mathematical terms. I will provide only a few guideposts so you may see the immensity of what is before us regarding the great forces of human capability. To get into the mathematics of what you are about to see would surely put most to sleep. So let me set the stage with these principles of the Ascension Gateways with a few words:

1. Tesla taught us that everything spins. And it is so. These toroidal numbers show the spinning patterns that make up our bodies and the galaxies themselves. They are all based in Fibonacci patterning, which also approximates the phi ratio, the Golden Mean, and other universal constants that govern all of life.

2. Each seed, or set of patterns has four components, four sets of tonal strings that constantly weave in and out of each other. The four patterns are: (a) the masculine; (b) the feminine; (c) the point of choosing (androgyne); and (d) the bridge to the Heart of Source (the 3, 6, 9 patterns).

3. There are 3 seeds of polarity (1,8 … 2,7 … 4,5) and 1 seed of unity which is triune (3, 6, 9), the Heart of Source. These seeds represent the great archetypes whether they be based in archetypes of 12 (astrology), 9 (creation), 7 (angelic), or 4 (earthly … spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical).

4. The purple arrows you see in the following graphic reflect the toroidal flow of the numbers. They are arranged in the way you see them so that the patterns are more readily visible. Keep in mind that the geometry of the Heart of Source was published in the previous article, “The Jericho Moment.”


Over the span of 2017 I will post more descriptions on how these patterns may be used on www.SoundsOfWonder.com.

Conclusion … Finding the Gateways Within

Oftentimes we are capable of understanding far more than our brains will tell us. As wonderful as the brain is, it’s little more than an instrument for consciousness, which resides within us and far beyond us. A long time ago I learned from Malidoma that the Gatekeepers play an important role. However, to my surprise, when I started doing the Angelic Gatekeeper workshops, I discovered that what was equally important, if not adamantly necessary, were those who support, work with, and ground the Gatekeepers. What this means is that one does not have to understand the mathematics or the engineering of the tonal gateways to insure their return to our modern world. It is enough for the patterns to resonate in your heart for you to know they work for you. I am reminded of the metaphor of Mary Magdalen who spent time washing the feet of Jeshua. This act was not of servitude but of supporting, grounding, and honoring. Indeed, after Joshua’s physical departure, she became his counterbalance, the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, which adepts call Power and Wisdom. So it is with the Gatekeepers. They are only one half of the equation in using the mysteries of the Ascension Gateways. The other half is that which supports, empowers, and operates out of wisdom.

Indeed, it is not enough to recognize that the gateways allow us to move across the boundaries of time-space, space-time, and dimensions. These gateways even have the capacity of transitioning what are called “densities” in The Law of One. What is more important is to recognize that the gateway phenomenon operates not only outside of us, but within as well. Even though the tonal patterns can open gateways outside of us, what is actually more important is that they equally have the capability of opening pathways to our own deepest, greatest, individual secrets. Those secrets include great paradoxes. One of which is that within each of us resides both darkness and light, not unlike the two-faced God Abraxas, the great archetype of polarization, written about by Carl Jung.

This great dichotomy is at the root of all creation, for without free will, there is no dichotomy. And without choice or the ability to choose, there is no purpose in creation. The great choice we face at this moment is whether we are going to live our lives dedicated to self-serving principles or are we going to live our lives serving one another with love, compassion, and wisdom? In so doing we must be able to serve out of our fullness. For there is nothing to give others if we ourselves are empty. And the only way to be full is for each of us to know ourselves. In order for us to fully know ourselves we must dare go within. And let’s be honest here, most of us are scared to death to venture into our quagmire of mixed-up self.

So make use of the gateways that descend within, for these are the paradoxical true gateways to Ascension. Even in Christian teachings, we see that Jeshua descended into hell (three days of darkness) before resurrection. Is this not an archetypal pattern that we may choose to employ to find our own Ascension process? And no better time of year than now … at Christmas. Let this be your gift to yourself.

from my heart to yours,
GW Hardin