Monday, December 5, 2016

"The Unraveling" Assessment of GCR/RV Release Timing - December 5, 2016

Update - December 5, 2016 , 5:42pm Est. - Received via email.......

Paris Agreement = GESARA

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Once the price of crude oil settles, the Paris Agreement will receive 2/3 majorly support and 70% of all nations will become GESARA complaint, meaning 90% of carbon emitting nations will reduce their footprint, which will allow the UN Security Council to release the GCR/RV, which will allow all global banks to release their nation's public 800#s to begin redemptions.

Grandfather set up the public release of the RV to follow the Paris Agreement, which is why he went ahead and did his part last week because Russia must feel confident they'll agree to an oil production level with OPEC and non OPEC oil producing nations, which will jolt the Paris Agreement to over 70% sovereign nation participation and thus launch the RV.

Simple stuff right?


"The Unraveling"
Assessment of GCR/RV Release Timing
December 5, 2016


"I believe anything has to be possible. You have to be able to face any problem that comes along and unravel it into a solution."

-- Jon Oringer


Aloha CC,

Banking board of directors worldwide will not and cannot authorize pay-outs for any historical assets until the new global monetary authority flips currency rates, and even then, all must still wait on their domestic treasuries to give their nation's banking systems the necessary approval to begin T4 in-take (currency redemptions).

All governments globally are now being held responsible (hostage) for all their banks balance sheets--as well as by other good standing sovereign governments--which is the biggest structural change in the new financial system outside of the re-institution of the gold standard.

Any bank can now lose its operating charter with just one bad quarter (one bad loan or even one bad wire), anywhere in the world.  And the government that allowed such an activity will also be held accountable in international court of need be.

Actions and intent are transparent in the new age.  No place to run, no place to hide anymore bad guys.  We see you.

As a result, there is suddenly increased oversight scrutiny--stemming from a new financial system created and governed out of Asia--whereby every existing or new account, every existing or new client and every single transaction is being tripled monitored so that all governments of the world will honor their financial, political and military commitments, as well as settle old sovereign financial disputes.

This sovereign settlement process is functioning more like an "unraveling"
of history's great lies, and what ironically we are all waiting on in order to experience the truth.

Mind blowing stuff.

Our currency redemption wait is not on the Chinese Elders or Grandfather, as they have long completed their required tasks--no, the real work remains with individual governments / existing leaders / new leaders attempting to achieve GESARA compliant status within their own nation... so that their country and population can participate under the constraints of this new financial system.

It may appear as if malevolent forces are stopping your gift, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Rather, every sovereign issue past, present and future is right now being reconciled before humanity is allowed to move forward per signed, ratified and enforced international treaty of their own free will.

And 209 sovereign nations agreed to this settlement process (aka "unraveling") back in 2015 and we now implementing in 2016.  So they've all had more than enough time to make necessary adjustments--some just waited until the last possible negotiating second.  So we, mankind, is both the cause and cure for all that ails us in the world -- at least financially.

This includes the immediate settlement of all ancient fiscal arrears, which banks and corporations universally were told would be wrapped up before 2017 (with no exact date given).

But until this occurs, it's both wise and prudent not to expect new monies to flow freely anywhere in the world--to anyone in the world.  As all new gold backed funds (with corresponding new rates) will ultimately not be permanently allowed to flow freely everywhere in the world--to everyone in the world--until these past sovereign disputes are settled or "unraveled."

Only once all diplomatic, military and financial issues have been deemed legally satisfied via the terms and conditions of international law, all governments by default of newly signed treaties, will not be allowed to release individual account monies ... regardless of their net worth or name/title of the account holder.

It's an ironic scenario to be sure.  Yet balanced and rationale if you're attempting to reset a global economy for the next 1,000 years.  All go or none go turned out to be a very real thing.

Therein lies the rub behind your perceived undue wait, as the timing dilemma truly falls on mankind to solve through the acceptance of one simple truth: We all must finally learn to live  harmoniously with our neighbors, brothers and sisters ... equally, fairly and sustainably.

And while some banks have chosen to
issue short-term loans against hard or liquid assets, and some others have been willing to engage in SKR currency transactions with existing clientele less any release of significant additional liquidity--none have yet to do an actual currency redemption for any first basket revaluation currency.  Zero.

This is due to new global financial monetary authority penalties and requirements of operation, under newly approved revaluation currency rate rules--which have yet to legally occur.

Meaning, no global bank dare begin redeeming T4 currencies at unapproved rates because they risk losing their ability to conduct business permanently, and thus realistically miss out on the most abundant cash flow in recorded human history.

It's therefore banking suicide to begin redemptions prematurely.

This is precisely why your currency burdens and blessings feel equally distributed on either side of the divine GCR/RV release moment.  It's by benevolent design.

God is with us.