Friday, December 9, 2016

TZX Intelligence Report - December 9, 2016


TZX Intelligence Report
Posted on December 9, 2016

It has been sad and quiet these past few days after Yosef's departure.

I know many of you are asking, what is our current situation?

According to recent updates, everything has been completed regarding our redemption and we are just waiting for politics and military conflict to settle worldwide.

There will not be a RV/GCR/GESARA/Restored Republic until all politics and conflicts have been settled worldwide.

Current formula for the "Event":

RV = GCR + GESARA = Restored Republic = Disclosure

Disclosure cannot happen without a Restored Republic. GESARA and the GCR cannot happen without the RV kickstarting it.

This is what the "Event" is.

The Cabal still lurk in the shadows, therefore the "Event" cannot proceed until they are vanquished from this realm. They are a threat to all of us for as long as they exist.

Did anyone notice there hasn't been any new conflicts erupting? We are waiting for the remaining conflicts to conclude one way or the other. Conflicts such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Ukraine.

Peace on Earth is what we're waiting for before we can see our blessings.

Peace on Earth cannot be achieved until the Cabal are completely destroyed.

If you wish to be updated on the war on the Cabal, Kent Dunn does a great job of reporting on this topic.

Zorra is also providing up-to-date intel on current events.

Both Zorra and Kunt Dunn also report on the Restored Republic and the RV/GCR.

So don't lose hope, this is not over just yet.

Let's all use the Law of Attraction to achieve Peace on Earth.

This has been TZX Intelligence, ending report.